Abundance Clinic, Adamus® Saint-Germain, Part 1

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Abundance is a challenging issue for many people on the spiritual path. There are strong overlays about money being “the root of evil” and many people have taken vows of poverty in this or past lifetimes as part of their spiritual journey. On a more practical basis, many simply don’t have a financial or business background, and therefore believe that they don’t know how to make or manage money.

Askandyouwillreceive_StGermain_The Count de St. Germain, better known to Shaumbra as Adamus Saint-Germain, was a strong proponent of science in that lifetime of his from 1712 to 1784. He encouraged the study and application of practical science to validate reality at a time when science was still questioned by learned men and especially by religious officials.

It has been the Count’s desire to use science and mathematics as methods to eventually prove not only the nature of reality as perceived through our physical senses, but then to use this same basis to prove the nature of multi dimensional realty and “the Mysteries.” Ultimately St. Germain wanted the linear and logical structure of science to expand into the field of Chaos – or undefined creation – to prove once and for all the existence of a greater Being, Spirit, The Eternal One.

Many of us spiritual pirates have a resistance to studies such as science because we believe that it is a narrowly-focused, mentally-dominated discipline. And rightfully so. We were taught in school that if you can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist. Modern science doesn’t take into account things like communicating with entities, having angels appear to us at times of need, feeling that something is going to happen before it happens, or the power of intuition. We know it’s there, but traditional science and conventional wisdom tell us it’s not.

A new science is emerging, the likes of what Count de St. Germain dreamt of centuries ago. The new scientists are going beyond textbook definitions and rules in pursuit of new answers to age-old questions such as “Where do we come from?”, “How was the physical universe created?” and “What is the essence of all things?”

Recently tests at CERN, the world’s largest physics lab, suggest that subatomic particles can travel faster than the speed of light. This blows away one of Einstein’s theories and could undermine the entire way we perceive our universe, including time and space, energy and cosmic structure.

Other research laboratories are delving into quantum physics, literally seeing particles moving in and out of reality. So where do they go when they’re not present in our reality platform? Scientists are learning that particles can communicate with each other when separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, even when there is no plausible explanation of their communications network. There is mindboggling research going on into something called “dark energy” – signifying the energy that appears to push outward, with the adjective “dark” signifying that they know nothing whatsoever about its nature, but that it indeed exists.

These next few years, keep your eyes out for other news about breakthrough discoveries that will baffle the scientific community. We are in the midst of a quantum change in our understanding of reality. It’s enough to make the likes of Count de St. Germain (and Adamus) smile to know that science will someday validate what so many of you already know – that reality is so much grander than what we have known and experienced up to now. Soon, because of new scientific research, metaphysical concepts such as multiple dimensions, No-Time/Now Time, intuition, divine intelligence and even Spirit will be considered the norm rather than the eccentric. You’ll be able to smile knowing that you were on the leading edge of consciousness, long before science came in to “prove” the point.

The new Crimson Circle blog features a Science & Discovery section where we post timely articles about New Science. If you come across something of interest please forward it to us at: science@crimsoncircle.com.

In this much exciting and provocative clinic, Adamus® Saint-Germain (channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe) will help you understand the resistance to abundance, and give you the tools to break through the barriers in order to receive what you need and deserve in your life.

This clinic is Adamus’ gift to any spiritual students that are tired of struggling with abundance issues.

For more information about Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey Hoppe and the Crimson Circle, please visit www.crimsoncircle.com.


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