2 Day Virtual – JAN 30/31, “The Women & Money Summit”

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The Women & Money Summit

2015 is your year! Announcing The Women & Money Summit.

I’m SO excited to announce a new, transformative, profoundly empowering way to set yourself up for a magical leap forward in 2015.

What stops many women from getting their creative gifts out into the world isn’t motivation, spirit or drive. It’s their relationship with money.


Because money is at the center of every decision you make in your life, your business or your career.

Which of these common situations do you find yourself in?

● You work hard, but your income isn’t growing. It’s like you’re trading in your health and well-being taking care of everyone else (even to the point of getting resentful and exhausted).
● You keep thinking that “money shouldn’t matter” – but you end up paying a lot of attention to getting your bills paid and just plain worrying about money.
● You’re earning well, but savings? … not so much. Spending makes you feel good, but your bank account isn’t happy.
● Or, you find no matter how much you’ve earned and saved, you don’t trust money will be there for you when you need it.
● You struggle to find your authentic voice in marketing and have a hard time raising your fees.
● You are exhausted from doing everything in your business, and you don’t know when or who to hire (or you’ve tried hiring people and it hasn’t worked out).
● When it comes to money conversations with family, clients, the bank, business partners or team, (or anyone else), you often feel discomfort, tension, or avoidance – rather than confidence, ease, and empowerment.

Let me assure you, you’re not alone!

That’s why I am absolutely delighted to announce The Women & Money Summit – How We Do Money Is How We Do Everything.

This is NOT your usual telesummit.

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We are breaking the mold.

We’ve created something different and exciting, bringing together 10 dynamic speakers for 8 workshops and a fabulous keynote!

The Women & Money Summit is designed to take you on a profound, transformative journey with Sacred Money Archetypes®. Your ticket guarantees you access to 8 live, interactive online workshops, with exercises designed give you a clear understanding of your strengths and challenges when it comes to money, and how to leverage the power of your Archetypes in your business and your life so you can achieve your goals and skyrocket your business in 2015 with grace and ease.

Kendall-2014-Headshot-04Every workshop is led by a Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach who has developed a different specialty in using the Archetypes.

Kendall Summerhawk is the visionary creator of Sacred Money Archetypes, and we are honored to have her with us to deliver our Keynote Presentation. (This is an exclusive, brand-new training, available only to our Summit ticket holders.)

In the workshops, you will use SMA to:

● Create a guiding set of money principles to empower you in managing your money and creating wealth.
● Design your office to support financial success, creating a space that aligns with your Archetypes as well as Feng Shui principles.
● Empower your voice in money conversations, and Voice Your Value™ in any situation.
● Create a powerful, authentic LinkedIn profile using your primary Archetype that easily attracts your ideal clients, and learn to use your Archetypes to enhance all of your marketing.
● Consciously use sound to enhance the power of your Archetypes, and transform your health and wealth.
● Empower your relationships (personal and business) to support your money and business goals.
● See clearly where you shine and where you need support, and easily map out systems for your business, so you can run your business profitably and productively.
● Hire and empower a support team that pays for itself, choose which team members to hire first, know how to hire the right people and manage them for awesome success.

You’ll also get:

● The fun and easy SMA Assessment which tells you your personal Archetypes.
● Exciting, step by step exercises we’ll personally coach you through in each workshop, with live Q&A follow up, to ensure that you dive deep and get the full benefit of this powerful work with your Archetypes.
● Downloadable handouts, checklists & templates that you will use again and again to support you on the path to mastering both the spiritual and practical aspects of money, and using your Archetypes for ongoing learning and inspiration in all areas of your life.


What are Sacred Money Archetypes®?

While your relationship with money is as unique as you are, there are Archetype patterns or themes that possess a universal quality. Sacred Money Archetypes allow you to discover your money strengths and gifts, along with your money shadow-side, so you stop wasting your time and energy trying to fit yourself into a box of what you think you “should” do, and instead empower yourself with money and in every area of your life, on the spot.

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The Women & Money Summit is for you if you want to:

● Get inspired and clear about how to align your financial success with your personal growth.
● Get unstuck from money issues.
● Own and voice your value – stop discounting your worth and speak from a place of inner confidence and clarity.
● End inner (and relationship) conflicts and stress with money.
● Learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to reclaim it.
● Lead money conversations with grace and ease.
● Stop blaming or faulting yourself for not being awesome at everything in your business (it’s not possible) and get practical ways the Archetypes can help you to “get it all done.”
● Design your business so it functions optimally for you (magnifying your brilliance and supporting you perfectly).
● Solve the riddle of how you’re going to move beyond (far beyond) your current money story and into the kind of financial empowerment you can bank on.
● Take aligned financial action today and beyond, to generate greater income while fulfilling your purpose and honoring what you value most.

I am confident you’ll experience a deep, profound, lasting transformation from this Summit. Why?

Because I used to be where you are now. I thought I had tried everything to get my finances under control. When I discovered Sacred Money Archetypes®, I got the inner shift that made ALL the difference, and today I have more financial independence, freedom and financial self-esteem than I ever imagined. CLICK BUTTON BELOW


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