Ebola Outbreak, YOU Can Help!

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Stop-EbolaThe Ebola outbreak in three West African nations continues to claim lives: There have now been more than 13,000 cases and nearly 5,000 deaths, and it has been called “the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times.”

A crisis on this scale demands a global response, and the United Nations has stepped up to lead the world’s efforts to stop Ebola.

But the UN cannot do it alone. Help the UN stop the Ebola outbreak by donating now to the Ebola Response Fund.

The UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response is coordinating technical assistance, supplies, personnel, and funding for the affected countries. It is working with UN agencies, governments, and other partners to halt the outbreak and treat people infected with this horrible disease.

The UN’s work is essential to bringing the outbreak under control – but it requires significant resources.

You can help: Donate now to the Ebola Response Fund to help give the UN the resources it needs to stop Ebola.

When you give to the Fund, 100% of the money goes directly to the UN to support its Ebola response effort, which includes providing technical advice and getting supplies such as personal protective equipment, chlorine, emergency vehicles, and motorcycles for contact tracing.

Every dollar helps the UN move closer to its goal of putting an end to this deadly outbreak. Join me in supporting the UN’s response and, in turn, supporting the people of West Africa and the health workers and volunteers who are bravely fighting Ebola.

Thanks for your generosity,

Kate Dodson
Vice President of Global Health
United Nations Foundation


The UN is playing a significant role in helping the countries of West Africa respond to the Ebola crisis, by mobilizing the global community and by providing technical assistance, funding, supplies, and personnel. Donate now to help support the United Nations’ urgent efforts to control and stop this deadly outbreak.

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