Leading and Succeeding in Disruptive Times- A 3Q Edge Primer

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Irene BeckerBuild leadership and communication skills that GROW at the speed of change?

Optimize talent/career results and business development in disruptive times?

Move from Now to HOW? Yes!

Build your 3Q Edge™; three essential leadership competencies that GROW in the face of change, challenges, stressors, even failures. Irene is a thought leader, doer and trailblazer whose accomplishments include being first CEO of a steel company in Canada, developing one of the first business mentorship programs in the country, first woman Rotarian in Canada, leading a campaign that changed environmental law as well as a landmark case enfranchising the rights of child victims of abuse. Her story and the genesis of her 3Q Edge™ model, Against All Odds, has been read by thousands of people around the world.

Recent 2014 awards include: Top 75 Human Champion-Switch & Shift, USA, Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts Online-Kevin Kruse, Best 21st Century Leadership Blogs-Serve to Lead, Top 1% Social Media Influencer-Kred. An adept champion of social media and keen social media strategist, Irene’s blog 3Q leadership blog and social media channels have a following of 41,000+. Irene’s first book, I Will NOT Be Broken-The Call to Build a Better Future debuts later this year. Passionate about the integrity and value of her work, Irene goes the distance for clients face to face, by telephone, video-conferencing and skype.

figure_holding_balloons_14255-150x150Leading and Succeeding in Disruptive Times: Part 4 Series Conclusion-Connecting the Dots (Including a Free ebook, Parts 1, 2, 3 of this series, a free subscription to Realizing Leadership Magazine and a compendium of great posts from thought leaders in leadership, hr/career/workplace/teamwork and business) © Irene Becker, Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™ | (IQ-EQ-SQ) Reach-Resonance-Results 3Q Leadership™ Blog- …

Leading and Succeeding in Disruptive Times- A 3Q Edge Primer

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