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world we want 2015

The World We Want 2015 enables people to engage, visualize and analyze people’s voices on sustainable development.

Trends & Outcomes

“The World We Want 2015 Trends” is a one-stop shop for people’s participation and engagement with policy making. It also allows policy makers to better understand the needs and priorities of their constituents. At the same time, it is a place for local solutions to be shared and learnt from, a space for open-knowledge, open-data, and cooperation. Thanks to data-mining and visualization technology, and through quantitative and qualitative analysis, this space is meant to create a virtuous cycle for Sustainable Development.

We want to kindly bring your attention to the World We Want 2015 platform, which allows you to engage, visualize and analyse people’s voices on sustainable development. This is your chance to add your voice as global leaders set the development agenda for post-2015. Get involved, add your voice as civil society to the World We Want 2015 and participate in the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Dialogues on Implementation of the post-2015 development agenda by following the links and specific consultation buttons below: UNDG Dialogues on Implementation (Dialogues close by the end of July 2014)

Dialogues on Implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Continuing an inclusive dialogue on post-2015 is a mandate given to the UN by Member States. The UN Secretary General has heard this and is requesting that the UN system builds on the outcomes of the consultations already conducted (see thematic and national consultations below): it should keep the channels of debate and engagement open as the intergovernmental process moves into its next phase. A summary of the consultations so far can be found in the A Million Voices Report.

While the first phase of consultations that started in 2012 focused on the potential issues and areas to be included in a post-2015 development agenda (see thematic and national consultations below), the so-called ‘means of implementation’ have surfaced throughout the process and are becoming increasingly central to the debate going forward.

The UN development system is therefore creating space and opportunities for interested groups and individuals to contribute specific ideas and proposals for the implementation of the post-2015 agenda in their countries and at a global level.

The objective of these dialogues (launched in April 2014) is to draw upon the lessons learned and the collective wisdom of people around the world, convince policymakers that an ambitious post-2015 agenda can be implemented and foster a broad sense of ownership, inclusive planning structures and multi-stakeholder partnerships to support its delivery.

National Consultations

www2015banner2So far, the UN Country teams are supporting 88 countries to convene national consultations on the post 2015 development agenda. These are forums to exchange ideas for a shared vision of “The World We Want”, in an open process tailored to country contexts. The national consultations are organized by UN Country Teams, under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinator, and are working with a wide range of stakeholders including governments, civil society, the private sector, media, universities and think tanks.

UN Country Teams and their government and civil society partners have designed their consultations according to stakeholder groups and constituencies, making deliberate efforts to engage groups that generally do not participate in policy discussions. The national consultations combine various methods – focus group discussions with vulnerable groups, roundtables with various stakeholders and online and SMS methods for greater outreach. A sample of online forums are provided below, though many methods are being used at national level. For more information about a specific consultation, please check the country or contact the relevant focal point.

www2015 add your vote

This global conversation responds to a growing call for active participation in shaping the ‘world we want’. Taking place well before governments sit down to negotiate and finalize such a new agenda, the consultations underway provide evidence and perspectives to governments on the challenges people face in improving their lives and those of their families and communities.

jensineRELATED: Jensine Larsen – WOMAN of ACTION™ is a woman making positive change in our world, enabling Women’s Voices to be heard, through her creation

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