Suzanne Letourneau|Succeed ADHD Telesummit, July 14-18

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Do you have ADD/ADHD and want to Succeed?

You Can! In fact…


  • You CAN learn ways to feel confident as a parent and raise a resilient child
  • Chaos and overwhelm are optional and balance, peace and harmony are possible
  • There ARE strategies to improve communication and relationships in your family
  • You can ask for accommodations in your workplace

You just need to learn how…

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Wouldn’t it feel great to…

  • Discover your strengths and talents so you know how to pick the right ADHD career
  • Help your children change negative experiences into resilience, confidence and independence
  • Get organized in a way that the ADHD brain understands so you can stay that way
  • Learn how to reduce overwhelm and power your brain to do more
  • Stop the emotional meltdowns – and we don’t mean just your children’s!
  • Learn how to avoid getting YOUR buttons pushed so your home is calmer
  • Develop better financial management so you get out of debt and build wealth
  • Identify workplace accommodations for your ADHD and whether to tell others about your ADHD
  • Create a self care, stress management plan so you can find peace and calm within the ADHD chaos
  • Save your relationships so you don’t end up being a divorce statistic
  • Realize you’re not going crazy if everything is too itchy, smelly or annoying


And so much more!

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