Mercury goes Direct Today ~ Woo! Hoo!

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mercury-goes-direct-in-cancer-v2After more than three weeks of mis-communication and misunderstandings, Mercury will finally resume its direct motion at 8:50 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Hooray! Hopefully you survived this transit and saw the positive side of things.

Many have been saying, whew, what a rough ride this one has been!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not an oncoming train, it truly is the light of day. You see it has not been solely the effect of Mercury retrograde that we have been run through. This journey has been a lifetime in coming, and we have been in the process of healing both the past of this life, past lives and our entire human history. This is simply another part of this process.

Mercury Retrograde is always a learning experience. We will have another Mercury retrograde in October. Clear up as much as possible now, and the next one will be easier.

‘With the suppression of the ‘divine feminine’ for the last eon, the pain of the rebirth has been great for some, maddening in general, emotional for sure, but we are all the more wise for the vista and hopefully balanced, willing and open to truly begin a new cycle. We still have a couple of weeks before Mercury exits the shadow of the retrograde, meaning it will have regained the degrees it moved during the retrograde’.

Now that this little planet is moving full speed ahead, you can move ahead too!

Staying in Gemini

Mercury moved around quite a bit during the last retrograde. First it was in Cancer, and then it moved to Gemini. The Messenger of the Gods planet was doing some fancy footwork between these two signs. Now that Mercury is direct, it will remain in Gemini until July 13.

Verbal communication isn’t the only thing that will be shifting into overdrive these days.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, for starters, your tongue-tied days are over. The mental sign of Gemini will have you talking up a storm. Not only will you be chatty, you’ll be articulate and very persuasive as well. Just remember—everyone else will be talkative too. You may have trouble getting a word in edgewise!

Meticulous Multitasking

Verbal communication isn’t the only thing that will be shifting into overdrive these days. Mercury direct in Gemini also emphasizes mentally challenging chores like multitasking. Need to be on a conference call, whip out a sales report and update your calendar all at once? No problem! You have the power of this planetary energy at your disposal!

Worried about handling all these tasks efficiently and correctly? Once again, you have the heavens behind you. Crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s will be practically effortless. Unlike the do-overs and revisions of Mercury Retrograde, you’ll be mentally meticulous. Capitalize on this energy to get plenty of challenging projects accomplished.

Quick-Witted Fun

Don’t think that Mercury’s forward motion in Gemini is all work and no play. No way! This planetary placement offers biting satirical wit and plenty of humor. Even the most serious conversations will have a clever edge to them that will make you smile.

Take advantage of this smart and sassy energy. Get out and talk to people, mingle, flirt and have fun! It’s also a great time to engage in a little sexy talk, either with a lover or a potential date. Just a word of warning—keep things light. This isn’t the time to take words or intentions too seriously.

Mercury Retrograde and You

Retrograde Direct_0It’s always helpful to review the retrograde cycle and ask what did it bring up for you? Did you have any revelations? What did you have to redo? Or rethink? Did you use any disciplines to help you understand or withstand this energy? Be gentle but honest with yourself.

What have you discovered that needs to be reworked over time? Some things (healing) will not happen over night. Finding or discovering the root of the issue allows us to set a course by reframing (read my post on recapitulation and reframing) and also by “choosing” a different response. This is healing.

So when you awaken tomorrow, give yourself a chance to review the last few weeks. What was the theme? What was the predominate emotion? What are you looking at changing now that you did not have a clear view of before this retrograde?

Embrace the energy of Mercury’s direct motion and let it propel you forward!

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