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UN Post-2015 Development Agenda

With the business contribution to UN goals and objectives at an all-time high, and the UN in a process of determining its development framework as targets of the Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015; this is an opportune moment for business and the Global Compact to help shape the future priorities of the UN.

The Millennium Development Goals Report 2013 – HERE

Delivering a better future for all requires action by all – Governments, corporations, citizens, consumers, workers, investors and educators. Undoubtedly, the private sector has a central role to play. As the world’s main source of economic activity, business is at the heart of virtually any widespread improvements in living standards.

Markets are essential for creating and diffusing solutions that will drive the changes our world needs. But, this will not happen through business as usual. Investment and business activity must be sustainable – delivering value not just financially, but also in social, environmental and ethical terms.

Business is increasingly forming alliances to address the world’s most urgent development issues. Recognizing the importance of shared values, some of these collaborations have reached significant scale in areas such as water, gender equality and climate change.

Assessing the issues that comprise the UN development agenda and providing a role for business in the post-2015 process will help the Global Compact achieve its mission – to make corporate sustainability a transformative force in achieving a shared, secure and sustainable future.

The UN Global Compact Action Plan, Looking Ahead to 2015

The following activities underway will form the basis for input submitted in the coming year to the UN Secretary General’s synthesis report and to member states’ deliberations:

The UN Global Compact is conducting consultations among its Local Networks – found in 100+ countries around the world – on two key themes:

  • how elements of the UN’s post-2015 development agenda apply to specific national settings.
  • in collaboration UN Industrial Development Organization, how business can best support priorities likely to be found in post-2015 agenda and the SDGs.

A task force from LEAD – a group of 50 highly engaged companies in the UN Global Compact – is focusing on the means of implementation, including measurability, accountability and the role of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • UN Global Compact issue work streams are engaging thousands of businesses in these global priorities.
  • The UN Global Compact is conveying the voice of responsible business through key intergovernmental processes including: the President of the General Assembly, the Open Working Group on the SDGs and the Economic and Social Council. The UN Global Compact is also a part of One Secretariat, and is supporting the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Post-2015 Development Planning.
  • With other global corporate sustainability organizations, the UN Global Compact is developing tools to help companies understand the most material sustainable development issues for its sector, identify the most relevant business solutions, measure and communicate impact, and set targets for its specific contribution to the realization of global sustainable development goals.

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