Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12

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Capricorn Full Moon

Sun in Cancer ~ Moon in Capricorn 20º

Saturday, July 12, 5:24 AM Mountain Time

(Saturday, July 12, 11:24 AM Greenwich Time)

Work, work, work! We want it if we don’t have it, we rail against it if we have too much, we glow with a task well accomplished and we deflate when we fall short. A job well done is a crowning glory.

A Capricorn Full Moon will shine its bright light on our outer, career-oriented self, on who we are out in the community, on our inner authority, and on our ambitions. The Moon is in polar opposition to where the Sun lies in Cancer where our inner foundations, security needs, our self nurturing, and ties with the ancestors all provide the support to go out into the world and accomplish all that we set out to do.

Capricorn rules the framework of the body, the skeleton (where we hold our oldest patterns), along with the knees, skin and spleen as well as the most basic structures of our society – the government, the financial institutions, business corporations, and economics. The archetype of the mountain goat with a dolphin tail climbing from the depths of the sea to the heights of perfection pictured as a mountain peak serve Capricorn well as it tends to bring us persistence and reliability – putting one foot in front of the other never losing sight of the goal, so patient and practical. As a cardinal sign, Capricorns are active, and as an earth sign, they are all about building and manifesting in the material world – hence ambition and goal orientation.

The Mountain Goat gets things done!

Capricorn-Full-Moon-235x300Of course, having Saturn as a ruler, Keeper of Time, helps Capricorn see the long view, step up and take responsibility that is how they learn to access their inner authority and others come to recognize and respect that quality in them. At times, Saturn can exert a contracting influence and Capricorn can become rigid, set in their ways and often very conservative. At its best, The Goat is lean and focused, and we can all use some of that energy, and we all have it in some area of our charts.

Pluto, the great transformer, entered the sign of Capricorn practically on the day Obama was elected in 2008. It only happens once every 200 years or so. And the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762 to 1779 when the US government was formed. Ever since 2008, (and for another nine years) it has been transforming our government structures, revealing true motivations, exposing the underbelly of corrupted power, and we have been witnessing a conservative deadlock in the USA and all over the globe. With Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars creating a powerful Grand Cross formation for many months this spring, we are again experiencing under this Full Moon in Capricorn another grand cross formation created by the Sun opposite the Moon and squaring the North and South Nodes.

Okay, these influences come and go, but it is helpful to know that indeed, this is a challenging time and we will have to strengthen our containers, seek support, and keep a clear eye on where we want to end up – what the top of the mountain is for us.

Aside from the Grand Cross formed by the Sun/Moon and Nodes, two underlying influences ~ one a Yod or Finger of God, the other a Thor’s Hammer, have this message: ADJUSTMENT

thor-hammerIt will take a great deal of presence, neutrality, and allowing to embrace the challenging realignment of energies that we are transitioning through on the micro and macro levels. Much of these lessons will come through the experiences we create for ourselves to learn to balance the Masculine and Feminine influences in our lives.

We are forgiving what has gone before and letting it go.

Easily said, but a Big piece of our current spiritual work.

Actually, there is every frequency of experience available in this chart from the highest to the lowest; it is a matter of choice from which frequency you choose to nourish yourself. It is the lesson of our times.

It is the lesson of this Moon.

Are you going with a balanced expression of inner and outer – knowing your own needs (Cancer) and at the same times considering the needs of the other (Capricorn)– the family, community, society?

Watch for ‘shifto/chango’ energy after Full Moon lasting until New Moon. Jupiter changes signs 7/16 from a year in Moon-ruled Cancer to a year of Sun-ruled LEO!

self fall in love withSelf-expression, empowerment, abundance, pleasure, children, entertainment, and creativity will all expand and revitalize our lives.

Saturn turns direct on 7/20 having spent this whole month slowing down and stopping at 16º Scorpio.

Retrograde since early March it will take until late October to fully free itself and regain the degree it began retrograding from, then it will move steadily and quickly ahead to change signs into Sagittarius in the last week of December where it will stay for about three years.

In addition, Uranus goes retrograde 7/21 at 16º Aries until December. Sun will shift into LEO! on 7/22 and even Mars will change signs into Scorpio on 7/25 where it will be for seven weeks. So, that’s a long 10-day period of shifting energies that can create a feeling of loosened grounding. Think of it as a period of shift that can support big and easy movement.

Enjoy and use the distortion of ‘business as usual’.

As an aside here is a list of some of the Capricorn/Saturn-ruled countries and states, see if you can glean any qualities here:

Afghanistan, Bosnia, Greece, Iran, Mexico, Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, Utah

7/26 Leo New Moon 3º, 4:42 PM Mountain Time

8/10 Aquarius Full Moon 18º, 12:10 PM Mountain Time

Written by Patricia Liles – [email protected]

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