ACTION Think Tank – July 21 with Jennifer Ettinger!

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Attention Toronto Entrepreneurs Looking for a Faster Way to Get More Connections, Leads, and Money:

Want to make BIT more money? Want to make a TON more money?

If I told you, that in the flesh, you could meet, see and hear a speaker who has brought companies into the millions and even 100s of millions of dollars, and YOU could have the opportunity to not just MEET with him, but ALSO work with him, would you be there?

This is an Inspire2Speak Program, and is going to EXPLODE your business like no other. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear what Gordon has to say this Monday night , JULY 21st, at the Yacht Club on our gorgeous lake Ontario – what a better view than that! You can also join us early, from 4 – 6pm, and enjoy the outdoor patio before we move into the Action Think Tank at 6pm.

Join us on Monday, 21th of July for an evening of great networking and business training to learn the secrets most business owners will never know about how to use other people’s connections, money, and resources to propel your business to the next level.

Register Now for Just $7 + tax (PROMO CODE: ACOWTBWS) – $10 at the door


Jen-Ett-400x400Jennifer Ettinger, Maximize your PR
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Gordon So, Inspire2Speak

Register Now for Just $7 + tax (PROMO CODE: ACOWTBWS) – $10 at the door

PS: Whatever you want or need but don’t have, is what someone else has. You can build it or acquire it but it takes a long time. Or you can just “borrow it” from others.

PPS: The size of your income is directly connected to the size of your network… or the size of other people’s network (OPN) if you know how to structure a deal with them so they would give you access to it.

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National Yacht Club
1 Stadium Road. Toronto ON M5V 3H4
Time: 6pm – 10pm
you may arrive anytime between 4 – 6pm to sit in the restaurant patio
Date: Monday, July 21, 2014


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