The Boatman, Mahesh Prasad Srivastava

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The Boatman

The Boatman
Father like a boatman like a holy man—God.

‘O My Father

Dad makes a paper boat,
for his li’le son, to play
and makes it float
in a rainy bay.
Yonder, flashes a scene of yore.
A meek boatman moves plying his oar.
Ferrying his family and friends together.
With their goods and grand feather.
Like my Dad who used to do.
As a boatman in all life through.
Always caught hold of his helping hand,
Whether on mountains or in plains.
On the sea or in sand.
From my tinyhood days of outing,
Cycling, biking till steer-driving.
Friendly First- man, Arrogant Teacher,
Humble’ Hardworking, Enthusiastic Rational Creature.
Boosted me so up and high,
Gave me wings to fly in the sky.
Got impossible all ‘hi-fi’,
By the grace & blessings of ‘Sai’.
Look! that lonely old man going still today.
Rowing endlessly in glee & gay.
Along his nourishing flowing river,
Keeps smiling with no fret or fever.
One day he’ll be seen no more.
His boat too will perish not be seen any shore.
The ‘Saviour’ of all will surely come.
To ferry us on turn one by one.
Godlike holy man like boatman like father – My Dad.
I’ll be waiting as his lad.
Whenever wherever to move I need.
He’ll be there to ferry indeed.’


Mahesh Prasad Srivastava – Facebook

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