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Andrea Olivera logoAround the world, more people than ever are turning to ancient wisdom of the East. This has resulted in a growing demand for Ayurvedic services in mainstream spas and among registered massage therapists. Because of its appeal to people everywhere, the Ayurveda Rituals – Studio, Spa, Boutique has expanded its training services from Ontario (Toronto and surrounding areas), all the way across Canada into Alberta, the Maritimes and on Vancouver Island.

If you are registered massage or holistic therapist, spa specialist, private practitioner, sales representative, yoga teacher or yoga studio looking for authentic Ayurvedic experience, botanical skin care products or inspirational speaker please visit Ayurveda Rituals page. To read more about Andrea, find out about services offered in Toronto, student clinic, calendar of education or events please visit relevant pages.

If you require additional information about our educational opportunities, our line of products or services please do not hesitate to contact the Centre.

Take your time and enjoy your visit!


Transformation in every aspect of human experience describes the purpose of ritual practice. By utilizing our five senses we prepare to tap into the vast resource of our sixth sense. Our sixth sense is a guiding force that helps us to live in the physical world, to make decisions in our lives and to change conditions.

andrea olivera tridoshaLike the Divine Mother, we access the key elements to bring fulfillment into all aspects of life. Sensual and elemental awareness plus mental focus, clarity of intention and our creative powers are the foundation of all ritual practice.

All cultures have traditions. Specific rituals are within each tradition. We are all creative. Acknowledging our creative powers, we consciously engage in Rituals. Rituals have been practiced since the beginning of time, sometimes recorded yet often only known to the ritual practitioner. Think about your daily routine. The potential to experience the power of ritual is present in every activity.

Ritual is a relationship between intention, desired effects, directed focus and attention, practical application and results. Allow Rituals to ful?ll that potential and gently carry you away to places beyond your five senses.

Five Senses, Five Keys

Inspired by Vedic wisdom that teaches how to re-connect with the Divine in our own hearts, Andrea guides us through rituals of self-discovery to that sacred reservoir of love and rejuvenation.

SOUND – Select your musical journey for the night
SIGHT – Light incense or candles
TASTE – Sip herbal tea of your choice
SMELL – Inhale the aromatic essences in the air
TOUCH – Massage these into your skin


andrea olivera - july august 2014

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