Your Experience of Menopause – Revealed‏

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Recently I asked if you would share your experience of menopause with me, and the response was overwhelming! I am so grateful for your honesty.

Your responses highlight what we’ve known for years:

Women Deserve Better Options!

You Are Not Alone.


  • More than 70% of you have experienced hot flashes, insomnia, and night sweats. More than 60% of you have had mood swings.
  • For 50% of you, insomnia was the worst symptom of menopause.
  • Hot flashes were the second worst, with 44% of you saying they were particularly troublesome.

Where Do You Turn For Help?

  • 58% say their friends have been understanding…but only sometimes! Only 38% say their friends have always been supportive.
  • 62% have sought a medical professional’s advice. Concerns about the safety of hormone replacement therapy is an overwhelming reason why 38% have not talked to a doctor.
  • 72% have tried natural remedies, from clean eating to meditation to dietary supplements.

So many of you are in labor with the larger part of yourself that is being born through this process! Over and over, you told me about depression, anxiety, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, and weight gain. Many of you are heartbroken over a loss of libido and painful intercourse.

“I feel indecisive and over-reactive, like I’m totally out of touch with who I am.”

“The worst was feeling like I couldn’t care less if I never had sex again. It nearly wrecked my marriage.”

“I felt like I only saw life as different shades of beige. I never laughed anymore.”

“Hot flashes brought me to my knees […] it was almost like having an asthma attack with unbearable heat.”

I personally feel overwhelmed with compassion when I read these comments, which we’ll continue to share with you. Menopause is a time to welcome wisdom and joy and the Divine into our lives, not to lose our ‘joie de vivre’!

That’s why I’m so excited that a groundbreaking new way to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause is on the horizon.

Something New Is Coming—Soon—and It Will Change Everything!

Dr. Christine Northrup – KEY SEARCH ENGINE = MENOPA– USE

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