Sheila Mansell, Ph.D., R. Psych. taking action with Autism

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sheila mansell

Sheila Mansell, Ph.D., R. Psych.,Founder Advancing Autism Care Inc.and CareVine Inc.

Dr. Sheila Mansell has dedicated many years of psychological practice to families and the caregiving/educational/employment/support systems serving children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, mental health, and trauma/sensory concerns.

In 2005 she developed The Guide to Better Living: Autism and Complex Needs SimplifiedTM which integrates her successful clinical practice experiences and provides the foundation from which CareVineTM was developed.

Our Mission

CareVineTM aspires to raise the bar for seamless, compassionate care-giving and support for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities and mental health/behavioral concerns by facilitating real time, relevant communications that support reflective, resiliency enhancing strategies for use across all settings, all caregivers and support services, that create opportunities for greater independence/self-determination and integrates successful transition, educational, vocational, and career planning strategies.


  • real-time communication/collaboration provides an evolving portrait of seamless, compassionate care that prevents communication lapses across educational, treatment, respite, vocational settings and supports successful transitions
  • requires limited time for initial set up, periodic update and is accessible and easy for new staff to be trained with and to review anywhere, anytime

CareVine (drsmansell) on Twitter

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