Full Moon April 15 is in Libra

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This Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Libra brings the focus to our relationships and the dynamics in our relationships, for relationships are the looking-glass through which we can see ourselves…

What are we needing to see within the dynamics being reflected?

Where does balance need to be restored?

Witness and feel the clarity and freedom that seeing brings…

Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most tuned in readers of the planetary movements. First from the wonderful Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of Astrology:

“Our sense of self-identity (Aries) can only be fully known when we relate to someone else (Libra). With the Moon in Libra, we need to remember to have our own Aries standpoint when we relate to others… True balance comes when each person stands on their own side of the scale.

“Our Libra sensibility is how we create good relationships. Both partners’ needs can be met if we learn how to compromise. And compromise means knowing where you stand.

“That’s the awareness we can get from this eclipsed Full Moon. Lunar eclipses give us the awareness to bring a situation to an end.

“While the Sun’s light is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, our unconscious motivations and desires are more easily felt. Without the constraints of our ‘shoulds and oughts’, perhaps we can find clarity and healing of our relationship wounds now…”

“This lunar eclipse occurs within the womb of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is perfecting this week… As these Powers turn the cosmic wheel, new energies will be available for us to use in our lives and for our world.

“So this month stay awake, have faith, be brave and face death. A new birth is upon us…a collective yearning for something better to arise in our world…”

“It is a potent combination that gives rise to Wisdom. Keep in touch with your dreams and let them guide you through any turbulent waters you come across. This is the time of resurrection and new life. Send your love into the future.”

“Relationships are a key theme during the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 25 degrees on April 15th, 2014. The energies may feel rocky and unstable as there is density, fear, frustration and other stuck energies coming up to be cleared away.

“The illumination of the Full Moon phase helps one to witness things and past trickster-like habitual tendencies that slip in and out of awareness or stuck emotions more clearly…”


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