MOON in ARIES – Take ‘courageous’ Action!

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Now we must take courageous action in our lives, although other Mars issues, like anger, maybe conflicting with deeper issues and inhibiting a confident fresh start. Stay in the moment and shift gears towards joy and self actualization no matter what is going on in order to really see the power of your life. It really is the perfect time to ignite our inner glow and find the courage to create the lives we deserve. Lets get started!

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Your natal Mars sign, aspects and house position show how you tend use your energy. If you would like to have a brief explanation of these placements, as well as what house energy will be activated by this New Moon, email . I will be happy to email that info and brief explanations to you. Please include your date, time and place of birth with your request.

Why not have your Solar Return done for 2014? What’s in the sky on your birthday shows a lot about the year ahead. A Solar Return reading covers one Solar year, beginning on your birthday and ending on your next birthday. A Solar Return reading is recommended as early as 1-3 months before your birthday, and is still useful anytime during the Solar year.

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