Empowered Women Impact Awards, April 7 – April 17

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I Just Won An Empowered Women Impact Award!

Catherine Anne ClarkI’ve got some exciting news that I want to share with you… I’m happy to announce that I’m a recipient of an “Empowered Women Impact” Award! A prompt from Spirit guided Empowerment Specialist, Lorna Blake, to do this Award and to offer them to certain Visionary Women Leaders who are making an impact globally!

I’m really honored to be in the company of 10 other top women leaders for this the first year of the Empowered Women Impact Awards!

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This year’s theme is From Fear to Freedom.

Lorna is interviewing each of the award winners, and we’ll be sharing our personal stories of how we shifted from fear to freedom in our lives… My interview will air on April 17th at 11 am EST/8 am PST. The replay will be available for 48 hours.

It’s an incredible opportunity to hear so many women leaders’ inspiring stories in one place. And I’m very excited to be among them!

From Fear to Freedom

The Empowered Women Impact Awards Summit runs from: April 7th thru April 17th.

Introducing the host Lorna Blake & 11 Visionary Women Leaders who are winners of the award.

Event runs April 7th thru April 17th. to Register!

It’s going to be amazing!

Don’t miss it…

This Free Series honours Women Leaders who are following their passion & making an impact globally!

Listen & be inspired

Join us every day for the next 10 days Wake up to your magnificence! Get inspired for your day! You can’t afford to miss this series!

It’s going to be powerful!

You’re no doubt going to be motivated to embody the amazing, creative, brilliant empowered woman you truly be… and that is life-changing!
Here’s why…

  • I have a gift for holding space in such a way that women bare their souls.
  • Hear them reveal some of their “soul cracked open” moments.
  • There’s deep sharing between me & them… Girlfriend moments that are real, rich & raw.
  • Success leaves clues. These women leaders reveal some of the rituals they do daily to become the empowered visionaries they are!
  • They each recommend one tool to help you experience more empowerment & greater transformation!

lorna-blake-3purple1Lorna has a gift for being an amazing interviewer.

Women feel so powerfully acknowledged by her that they hold nothing back. They share deeply and authentically. The Award winners hail from very different backgrounds yet we each share certain practices in common that have led to our success.

You’re going to learn about some of our daily rituals & a recommended tool to help you experience more success. It was powerful to share my own story of moving from fear to freedom with Lorna. She’s also got an inspiring story demonstrating courage and resilience.

Lorna could be an award recipient too.

Sexually abused from age 8-11 by her mom’s partner, she kept it secret & never told her mom because she feared she’d be punished. She suffered severe self-esteem issues and at 19 attracted a boyfriend who later became her husband. She experienced physical & psychological abuse and was even exploited sexually. S

he ran away at age 25 and found a personal development program that got her started on her journey to freedom. Today she lives her dream life traveling the world. She found love again and now follows her soul’s calling to empower women globally through her speaking & coaching work.

I’d love for you to join me for the Summit where you’ll hear many amazing stories throughout.


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Love, Catherine Anne Clark

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