Know What Is Really Important, Veronica

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Know What Is Really Important

“Seek yourself in the simplicity of your soul.

You will find that all the physical items you feel that you lack, have really become distractions.

Instead, focus upon the pure experience of existence. Back up from the rat race that your culture has created! The idea of simple has been pushed aside in a reality full of stuff and frenzy.

Build instead your reality with the sound foundation of pure thought and experience. It is essential for evolvement and connection, leading to true bliss.

There is frenetic energy everywhere at this time. Pause and reflect on where your energy is based. See the beauty in everything, and decide to be the calm in the storm.

Some will say it will not work or help. Some will think you’re crazy! However, it is important not to become entangled in the web of confusion. Stay calm, be aware, and know what is really important to you. The abundance will arrive, however, one must seek it in the right place.

Allow yourself to feel your heart.

Let the moment guide you.”


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