Global Belly Laugh Day 24 – Jan 2014

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global-belly-laugh-dayGlobal Belly Laugh Day – There are thousands of spoken languages in the world, and along with that, lots of different traditions and ways of life.

But what unites everyone?

Laughter! Global Belly Laugh Day will celebrate one of our very favourite past-times. Even the title of the day brings a smile to my face! We all know how good it feels to laugh, but exactly why does it make us so healthy and happy?

Having a good chuckle causes the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand increase blood flow. This makes us feel more positive, boosts our immune systems, increases pain tolerance and generally just makes us feel happier and more energetic!

Even just looking forward to something in advance has similar positive affects as the act itself! It reduces stress and increases chemicals that help relaxation.

So on 24 January 2014, remember to laugh! Send out an email, put up posters, and tell everyone you meet about the day. Lighten the work-load for the day – get a few funny jokes under your belt and start sharing your sense of humour!

Look through old photos of you and family members wearing crazy clothes or mad hair, and retell old funny stories around the lunch or dinner table. Get people laughing anywhere and everywhere!

Don’t forget to take the ‘Laughing Oath’ – that is sure to get you smiling in advance!

So … on Global Belly Laugh Day – 24 January 2014 at 1:24pm throw your arms up in the air and laugh out loud to celebrate the gift of laughter!

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