Social Pressures Teen Girls Face


30 Blogs Addressing the Social Pressures Teen Girls Face

teenpressuresTeenage girls suffer a daily barrage of views and opinions on how they should look, dress and behave.

With so much external pressure, these girls can often suffer from both physical and psychological health issues. Since the advent of social media, the pressures that teenage girls face have greatly increased.

Cyber bullying is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are other less apparent pressures, such as targeted advertising, forcing girls to conform to certain stereotypes.

These 30 blogs explore just some of the pressures that teenage girls are facing in the modern age.

Body and Weight Pressures

For teenage girls, body image and weight are important issues. Unfortunately, the focus is often unfairly weighed in the favor of what is perceived as desirable, rather than what’s healthy. Popular celebrities, including actresses, musicians and models, are promoted as having the ideal look that teenage girls should aspire to without disclosing that those bodies are almost unattainable under normal circumstances. These five blogs will help give you some insight into why teenage girls feel the need to achieve that perfect, Hollywood look.

Fashion Pressures

“You are what you wear,” is a saying that teenage girls really take to heart. Society, as a whole, still unfairly labels teenage girls in accordance with their wardrobe choices. She may have the highest test average in class, but if her dress is too revealing, she is instantly dubbed as a promiscuous teenage girl. To learn more about these unfair labels and how they affect the self-esteem of teenage girls, check out these five blogs.

Relationship Pressures

Every teenage girl runs the gauntlet of dating and the expectations that come with the territory. The problem is that boys are not faced with the same pressures. Often times, girls are under so much pressure that they will agree to things that are otherwise completely out of character. These relationship pressures can affect the rest of a girl’s life. Help your teen determine her individual path in life with these five relationship blogs.

Family and Peer Pressure

The one place where you feel like your teen daughter should be safe is at home, with being surrounded by her closest friends running a close second. Unfortunately, these two areas can be the sources of some of the greatest pressure girls face. These five blogs discuss the sort of pressure that parents can place on their teens, and the effects that even friendly peer pressure can have on an adolescent girl.

School and Social Media

School and social media are where your teenage girl has the most interaction with her peers. However, she is also at the most risk of being bullied or pressured in those environments. The rising trend of suicides amongst teenage girls is largely due to bullying experienced in school or on social media sites. In social media especially, anonymity allows bullies to pick on their targets with little chance of consequences. Help teenage girls combat the trend with these five blogs on bullying and cyber harassment.

Psychological Pressures

As an adult, it’s hard to relate to the hormonal and psychological changes that teenagers are going through. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “You just don’t understand me,” you are probably the parent of a teenage girl. If you are a mother, you may have experienced psychological issues when you were younger, but your brain chemistry is no longer able to fully empathize with the mind-set of being a teenage girl. The situation can become frustrating for everyone involved, to the point where once loving relationships completely break down under such enormous stress. You may not be able to walk in her shoes, but you can get an idea of how she is feeling from these five blogs.

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