Hungary – your gate to EU Citizenship, Lorre White

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Hungary – your gate to EU Citizenship

LORRE HUNGARY EUTired of visas? Want to live in heart of Europe, surrounded with centuries of culture and heritage? Become resident of EU through participation in Investor Resident Bond Program in Hungary. First step is to registar with an authorized agent, buy €250,000 worth of 5 year maturity state backed bonds and become resident of Hungary and EU!

Hungary can offer many advantages to those who wish to be its residents:

Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary is a country of stable political system, wide and colorful tradition, rich cultural life and economy. Its good public security and excellent infrastructure makes it an ideal place either to stay and establish business either to live or spend pleasant times in one of its numerous spas and health-related resorts. 
Owning a Hungarian permanent residency permit guarantees all the rights and benefits that citizens enjoy in Hungary (however, there are some exceptions, such as not being eligible to hold a Hungarian passport or vote in national government elections for at least 6 months).
The Hungarian permanent residency holder may live, stay and work in Hungary for an indefinite period of time. Holder of it is allowed to enter Hungary (and EU) without a visa and stay in Hungary without any time limitation.
The favorable personal and corporate tax rates, zero inheritance and gift tax (in certain circumstances) also makes Hungary a great choice – not to mention its friendly people, great sites, rich cultural life, thermal wells with excellent spas and exquisite cuisine…

LORRE HUNGARY RIVERHungary is also a good choice for families: permanent residency holders are entitled to attend Hungarian public schools without any restrictions, not to mention state-of-the art EU social network and health care, that makes the entire region ideal for senior people wishing to spend their retirement days in a new environment, full of tradition and warmth.

Present immigration policy of Hungary provides some immigration options available to third-country (non-EU) citizens seeking temporary or permanent residence in Hungary (and through it, an EU and Schengen zone itself) that is different in many way to existing trends. With new policy, Hungary opens the gates to east, west and south and wants to attract new investors by offering them various benefits and incentives on very attractive conditions.

Today, the Hungarian Government makes an all-out effort to encourage foreign investment in Hungary aiming to provide new benefits and creating preferential immigration categories for business investors.

As a result of this effort, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a unique Residency Bond Program in late 2012 that is presently reached operational status. The program offers Hungarian permanent residency under preferential conditions for non-EU nationals willing to invest into government residency bonds.

What makes the Hungarian Residency Bond Program unique?

  • No requirements to invest a huge amount of money in a Hungarian company or business;
  • No need to buy a highly expensive real estate in Hungary;
  • All arrangement can be made in the closest Consulate after registaring with a mandated agent(s) providing all-inclusive personal guidance for non-EU nationals applying for the Hungarian Residency Bond Program;
  • One application covers the whole family;
  • Your authorized agent further offers follow-up assistance while stay in Hungary such is real-estate arrangements, organization of full-spectre of senior living solutions, arrangement of touristic programs and cultural programs…

Once successfully finished the application procedure, applicant and his/hers family will receive a Hungarian temporary residence permit in a couple of days and the lifelong permanent residence permit within 6 months.

LORRE HUNGARY FLAGThe condition of a preferential process is the purchase of at least €250,000 worth of bonds with a five year maturity, and payment of related registration and processing fees that is de facto the lowest rate for any of similar services offered by any of the EU countries.

And the list of attractive features is not over – upon request, various bond buy-back options can also be arranged before the maturity…

If you are in need of the contact information for authorized IRBP agents (first step of the process), contact us off of our website at and we can email you the information.
Thanks to Lorre White, the Guru of Luxury

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