Give Yourself a Break, take a One-Day Vacation!


Take a One-Day Vacation!

What do you do when you’re stressed, swamped or seriously overwhelmed? How’s this for a terrific idea? Just be-gone! Take the plunge for just one day! Give yourself a break! Throw the suitcases in the car and head out! What can you do for just one day? Use your imagination! A one-day vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

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First… if you are a digital addict, get unplugged. Get more bang for your time-off by totally unplugging from your e-mail, smart phone or anything that connects you to work. Take a media fast. Disconnect from your laptop and computer. This will help you disconnect from the stresses and demands from your daily life, allowing you to really relax. Your world will not collapse if you go missing for one day!

Regularly taking a long weekend is as beneficial as gearing up for a full week or two of vacation each year according to clinical psychologist Francine Lederer, Psy.D. She says, “What I’ve read – and seen from hundreds of patients – proves that people are actually able to relax more knowing they’ll only be gone one day.”

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Don’t spend your one-day vacation in your backyard. This is a vacation. Not a day off. Vacate! Take a day-trip drive to a nearby town (lots of great day-trips in Arizona). Visit a Ghost Town. Sight-see, and clear your head. Stay in an inexpensive motel. This will make your day feel more like a vacation. Wake up early.

Take a train ride. Visit a Day Spa. Go camping. Rent a bicycle and take your own tour around town. Explore. Take photos. Take time and space to decompress, rest, and revitalize your over-stimulated self. Just “goof off.” Treat yourself well during the day (how about a banana split?). Do whatever YOU want to do. Make it something that excites your heart and senses; something that liberates you from your daily routine. Be yourself. Enjoy things at your own pace.

Feed your soul. Meditate. It will drag you away from any troubles or struggles you may be experiencing. Do karaoke somewhere where no one knows you. Sing your heart out. Enjoy some gourmet popcorn or – better yet – a Godiva truffle. No guilt allowed.

Bring back a piece of memorabilia, put it on your desk to remind you that every so often you need to take some time out just for yourself… by yourself.

If you really don’t have the money or resources to take a vacation of any type, it’s important for you to do something that relieves stress regularly. Everyone deserves a one-day get-away. This is ideal for people who don’t have the time or budget to leave town for a week or two.

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