Why True Passion is Key for the Philanthropist !



Belief is Everything!

If you want to raise money for your charity, then first believe in your cause. When you really believing in your cause, it will be contagious. People know if you are being authentic and passionate about your cause, and they also know if you are simply under the gun (i.e. pressure) of having to raise more money to keep your job. Yes, there is a difference. Also, when you truly believe in your cause you will not job-hop from one charity to another charity over a ten-year period.

Why? Because those who truly believe in their cause could never leave it and then put on the mask like their next charity is the latest and greatest charity. If you can’t raise money for one charity, then you most likely will not be able to raise it for another one.

Thus, you either need to ensure that your passions and values and beliefs are in alignment, or you may need to find a completely different career path – one in which excites, empowers and enthralls you to excel beyond your wildest dreams. Yes, there are other factors to raising money, but if you don’t have the belief, you’ll never be able to ‘fake it till you make it‘.

Gray Keller believes in the integration of spirituality, leadership and philanthropy in order to create a robust approach to philanthropic leadership. As a donor advocate and donor educator, Dr. Keller understands the importance of giving wisely, strategically and intelligently. Across the philanthropic landscape of America, education abounds on fundraising, donor relations, nonprofit management and board responsibility. However, very little education exists for donors. By engaging donors through education, Keller aims to empower donors to become philanthropic leaders.

pic2Dr. Keller challenges donors and fundraising professionals to think differently, holistically and intentionally to create triple wins for the donor, the fundraiser, and the recipient and/or community at large. With the understanding that money alone does not solve most of the world’s social and philanthropic concerns, it is vital for donors, philanthropists and decision leaders to see positive transformation for human flourishing. These outcomes come about through engaged, educated and empowered philanthropic leaders, rather than the traditional, non-informed and passive check writers. Giving strategically goes beyond tax benefits to a thriving participatory relationship where outcomes are measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is time that donors become wiser, savvier, and more sophisticated within their philanthropy.


At the center of everything lies the core. It is the heart, the nucleolus, and the interior essence from which all things emanate and grow. From here all things are possible, the core is the birthplace of the infinite potential residing in all of us. At the center of this center, driving thought, inspiration and motivation, is pure, unadulterated love and this is where we are all of us connected.

Your journey toward learning more about Dr. Gray Keller and Intentional Solutions, and understanding your role as a Philanthropic Leader begins here, appropriately at The Core.


Intentional Solutions is a non-traditional think tank, research center and consulting firm specializing in the study of spirituality, leadership, and philanthropy.

We challenge donors to assess their passions, research how they want to invest their monies, and make a personal commitment to their cause.

Our passion and commitment is to motivate the evolution of our present day, inefficient, giving-focused solutions to the world’s problems into a strategic, Philanthropic Leadership model that engages, energizes, and empowers others to live a truly authentic and fulfilling life.

From the spiritual alignment and global connecting, to philanthropic foresight and leadership capital, Intentional Solutions works to understand the underlying issues surrounding giving in the world today and to offer up an innovative, proven Philanthropic Leadership solution based on research, observation, an understanding.

On your path to becoming a Philanthropic Leader, we guide you toward discovering your unique gifts, sense of purpose, and your true passion. You have more to offer than just your money. Everyone wants your money. We believe you have an even greater gift. Yourself.

~~~ Dr. Gray Keller


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