UN Women celebrates Community of Practice [COP]



The Community of Practice is the place to be if you work or are interested in the area training for gender equality!


  • Because the Community of Practice is a global, participative and dynamic space for anybody who shares and interest, expertise and knowledge in training for gender equality.
  • Because the Community of Practice is a window to the world where you can find out what is happening in training for gender equality and also promotes discussion of key issues and innovative processes related to training for gender equality: identification, documentation and dissemination of good practices and collective development of training tools and documents.
  • Because the Community of Practice is a space that enables you to receive as much as you give.


What is the Community of Practice?

The Community of practice offers you a space where:

  • You can connect, share, exchange with other people that share an interest in training for gender equality through a social network (virtual discussions, open and close thematic groups, personal profile, chats, forums, webinars).
  • You can access and share information and materials through an extensive database exclusively focused on training for gender equality that includes: Training institutions, opportunities, resources, and the latest news on training for gender equality.
  • You can reflect and discussion training for gender equality the 6 UN Women keys areas through online activities (dialogues, interviews, Webinars, debates)
  • You can participate in a collaborative space to build on existing knowledge on training for gender equality definitions, standards, good practices and recommendations (compendium of good practices, virtual dialogues)

Who can participate?

If you are a:

  • Trainer
  • Institution/agency working or receiving training for gender equality
  • Gender specialist
  • Gender focal point in an organization, firm, university or agency
  • Student
  • UN Women/UN staff
  • Passionate for training for gender equality

You have to be part of the COP!

The Gender Training Community of Practice is coordinated by UN Women Gender Training Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The UN Women Training Center is the UN leading center of excellence in training for gender equality.

– See more at UN WOMEN HERE 


The “Evaluation of Training for Gender Equality” Virtual Dialogue will take place between 1-19 July, 2013 in a discussion forum hosted on the Training for Gender Equality Group

Virtual dialogues are online discussions that aim to motivate debate, exchange of good practices, resources, ideas, and information on different topics related to Training for Gender Equality that respond to UN Women Community of Practice interests, needs and mission.

For more information, read the  concept note here…

We look forward to your participation in the discussion forum!



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