There is Always Opportunity, Veronica


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There Is Always Opportunity

“In the quiet moments of life, when the wind of change dances across your brow, it is necessary to remain steadfast in your personal truth.

Decide to reflect upon the moments that feel good to your heart. It is usually the most truthful moments that resonate in that way.

Know yourself fully during these moments. Look clearly at what you are proud of, and what brings dismay.

There is always opportunity to change direction and align again with what makes your heart sing.

The heart sings magically with the truth of your energy. It may become silent if your path veers from what your true intensions are.

Take time to reflect while embracing these moments. Attempt to move away from complicated dramas. Often they tread a circular path.

Become one with your truthful soul intentions. It may change everything for the better. However, you will never know unless you allow that to have a voice.

Yes there can be many voices in the chitter chatter of the dramatic linear.

The whispers of your soul are often clouded by the shouts of the dramatic moment. So it is important to be still and truly hear from your heart and soul.

So as change dances, become the partner that leads to a deeper sense of what your truth is.

All have an inner awareness of their truth. Decide to make that connection. It is a beautiful one.

As we have said many times, your soul will never let you down.”




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