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houston_jean__mediumA few times each year, Dr. Jean Houston offers a unique mentoring to small groups of students. This July, Dr. Houston addresses one of the most fascinating and evocative of topics, that of our spiritual relationships, and it’s importance to our lives.

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Is there a spiritual dimension to living that guides and assists our brief passage through time?

If so, does it conform to the ancient beliefs from thousands of years ago, or is there a contemporary relationship to our spirituality that we need to be aware of?

These are some of the many questions that are being asked now as individuals begin exploring the role of spirituality in their lives. The upcoming mentoring program, The New Wizard as Shaman: Living as the Mystic and Magus, probes this mystery on a number of provocative levels. With the understanding that each person holds their own key, this initial five-day “Salon”, offers many doors for exploration and it’s exploration continues via monthly teleconference calls for six-months.

You will explore the latest discoveries in spirituality, learn how prayer works best, investigate what science is finding out about spirituality, plumb the depths of ancient knowledge about spirituality and initiations, learn personal practices that have proven most effective in deepening your own spiritual relationship and gain a deeper awareness of your own inner sanctum.

The idea of shamanism has diversified from its first Northern Asian roots to a range of contemporary practices that, like the mystic, deepen one’s own Self-knowing and unfold myriad levels of insight, wisdom and communion with the Great Mystery.

This training respects both theist and non-theist beliefs and expands one’s inner and outer spiritual engagement as seldom experienced before. Dr. Houston’s lifetime of teaching of religious studies, begun as a teacher in colleges and universities over 45 years ago, now culminates in one of this year’s most significant gatherings.

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Mentoring available on both the East and West coasts.

JennifershouseCapeCodThe July 25-29, East Coast Salon, or Mentoring Program takes place on the magnificent Cape Cod at a private residence right on the Cape.

Studies are punctuated by delicious meals, time for reflection in this beautiful environment, and even an evening at an old-fashioned clambake. You’ll delight as nature becomes you ally in learning, and the ocean shifts into your own unexplored horizons.

The October 17-21, West Coast Salon, or Mentoring Program is hosted in Jean Houston’s double-geodesic dome home in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, and is truly a stimulating environment of inspiration. Designed by the late Buckminster Fuller, her home offers the perfect setting for the exploration of the many domains of consciousness in which we inhabit, create and are created. Fueled by gourmet lunches, the mountain walks offer a perfect environment for meditation and relationship with our glorious earth.

There’s Still Time to Save!

The Early Bird Savings are still in effect for a limited time. East Coast pricing expires July 1st, so register soon. While the West Coast Early Bird pricing ends in September, this Mentoring Program is limited in size, and fills up quickly. Please register early to guarantee a space in this Salon.

The New Wizard as Shaman:
Living as the Mystic and Magus

July 25-29, 2013
Private Residence
Cape Cod, MA
Early bird pricing until July 1, 2013

October 17-21, 2013
Jean Houston’s Home
Ashland, OR
Early bird price until September 13, 2013



For those who feel that they need more personal training with Dr. Houston, we now offer small group mentoring. This program begins with a five-day course of study on either the East or West Coast. While each Mentoring Session has a specific theme, the questions and focus of each individual is addressed and specific paths emerge for each mentee. For the next six-months, the students come together for an hour each month via a teleconference call to check in on their progress. During this call, mentees celebrate the integration of the training into their lives or receive additional coaching on accomplishing their visions.

Meaningful personal relationships often form during these programs with the other students that often last a lifetime. The concentrated time with Dr. Houston provides the perfect opportunity for camaraderie and the generous exchange of ideas and explorations.

These Mentoring Programs are often referred to as “Salons”, patterned after the inspiring gatherings of the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries where small groups gathered to learn and share knowledge with a stimulating host. Our modern Salons now serve to advance the wisdom and understanding of dedicated individuals who are committed to deepening his or her consciousness and contribution to the world.


Jean Houston Seminars
2305 C Ashland St. P.M.B. 501
Ashland, Oregon 97520


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