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A Tool for Clinicians

locator_featured_imageAs an HIV physician who sees patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, I want to share a valuable resource for you and your patients with you. The HIV Testing Sites and Care Services Locator is a unique, online, location-based search tool that you can use with your patients and clients to help them access testing services, as well as resources for housing, mental health, substance abuse and more.

The tool takes advantage of open data from HHS agencies such as CDC, SAMHSA, HRSA, and HUD.This allows searches across many service provider databases at one time.

Results are displayed on a dynamic map, marking each service provider near the location you searched. You can view the provider’s contact information, which services they provide, and get directions to the provider’s location.

The HIV Testing Sites and Care Locator is an and effective way for patients and providers to get information on testing, treatment, and other services.

In just a few, easy steps:

  • Step 1: Download the app from the iTunes store or visit
  • Step 2: Allow the app to use your mobile phone GPS to find sites near your current location or type in the ZIP code for another location.
  • Step 3: The results are populated on a Google map. You can select filter your results by selecting one or more of the provider categories.
  • Step 4: Select any of the results to link to the organization’s webpage, find directions via Google Maps, or call them directly from your phone

For more information, download the app from the iTunes or visit .

Watch this video to see the locator in action!


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