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It seems that for all the talk about oneness, unity and peace, there is still a lot of distrust, dissent and resentment wherever we look. One of the ways humanity as a whole has been disempowered is through the amplification of our primitive and ignorant suspicion and distrust of anything that is not just like we are. As each of us is unique on the surface, this condition runs pretty deep. What humanity hasn’t figured out yet is that, while we are unique on the surface, we are all fundamentally alike at a deeper level.

Evolving our Idea of Ourselves

From the egoic perspective, we appear different from one another in all aspects of appearance and behavior. This perspective judges everything relative to its idea of itself, alienating and distrusting anything that differs. Of course this is a functional mechanism of growth, as everything we’re judging is ultimately a reflection of ourselves.

The things we resent or despise are traits we try to disown in ourselves because we believe them to be “bad”, while the things we admire are the “good” traits and qualities we perceive ourselves to be lacking. All these judgments fragment our idea of ourselves creating dis-integration, and directing our energy towards creating situations and circumstances to facilitate more integration. These situations and circumstances are not what we would actively choose for ourselves and often invoke a negative response from the ego.

The reflection of these traits and qualities is an opportunity to accept and appreciate the parts of our nature we have not yet come to terms with within ourselves. If we can accept them in others we are able to accept them in ourselves, leading to a state of greater integration and wholeness. In turn this affords us greater presence in every moment and a greater ability to manifest and create what we want in life.

Knowing Ourselves

monika soul createAnother issue is the lack of understanding of who we are, even on a superficial level. How many of us are aware, and willing to admit, that human beings are fundamentally self-serving by nature. People simply won’t do things that don’t offer some benefit or payoff for them, however subtle it may be. What’s required is mutual respect, rather than a self-righteous or self-minimizing attitude. If I get what I need while fulfilling the needs of others it’s a win–win interaction, a synergy. The minute we sacrifice our own needs to fulfill the needs of others we lose their respect, because we are not respecting ourselves. This is why “givers” often get taken advantage of. Those around us interact with us with the same level of respect we give ourselves. Similarly, if we ignore the needs of others while fulfilling our own needs we lose their respect and our own.

So what’s wrong with the world?

The world at large is an expression of the collective mental processes and actions of the human race as a whole. We obviously still have some way to go before we recognize our inherent oneness, or even the degree to which we are inter-dependent for that matter. Here again, many people judge the world around us to be unfair or threatening. The consensus is, even within the “spiritual” movement, that there is something wrong with the world. The truth is that the world is the way it is because we are the way we are. Its function is to facilitate as much integration as possible for the greatest number of people. The things we judge as “bad” and evil are exaggerated expressions of our collectively disowned traits and qualities. By disowning these traits and qualities we create a shadow self, and engage in an inner conflict with our own nature until we are able to integrate them. As long as we disown certain traits and qualities we tend to express them in an exaggerated form when we feel threatened. Once we have accepted and integrated a trait or quality we will no longer express it without conscious control. What the state of the world is telling us is that we are quite literally still afraid of our own shadows.

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Relationship Magic Retreat – Mastering the Art of Relationships

July 6 & 7 2013

Escape with us to this Magical place for two days to Recharge and Re-Invent your Relationship with Love


Open Your Heart and Mind to a Whole New Experience of Love & Relationships

Explore the Mysteries of Relationships, Discover how to Attract the Perfect Partnership, or Transform a current relationship into
the Partnership you desire.

Escape with us to this Magical place for two days to Recharge and Re-Invent your Relationship with Love – Approx. 1 hour drive from Toronto.

9:00am till 5pm, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July at the AYUS Awareness Center

A variety of affordable accommodation options are also available for those who wish to stay overnight on Saturday night.

Check the tickets for camping, communal and separate room options.

The following meals are included – Saturday Lunch(12:30) & Dinner(7:00pm) and Sunday Breakfast(8:00am) and Lunch(12:30) are included.

Please contact us beforehand with any special dietary requirements.

Evening entertainment will include a bonfire & drum-circle (bring your drum), “>performance by singer – songwriter Carl Stedmond, and other surprises…

This is not your ordinary how-to relationship workshop! Demystifying the arena of relationships at the most fundamental level, this workshop will take you on a journey of profound self-discovery, exploring your relationship with love and with yourself, and examining how that impacts your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends and your colleagues. Get ready to be transformed from the inside out!

Have you achieved success in many other areas of life and yet still seem to struggle with relationships or finding the right partner? How would you like to understand relationships at a level that gives you an advantage in the relationship arena?

Do you start out head over heels in love only to end up bitter and resentful? Are you repeatedly attracting unavailable partners? Are you subconsciously using relationships to punish yourself? Do you need to break free of the destructive patterns in your relationships? Would you like to understand what drives your choices in your relationships and have the power to make entirely new choices?

Are you constantly compromising yourself in exchange for “love”? Does your relationship always end up running your life instead of you managing your relationship? Would you like to have a secret weapon that keeps you in control of your life and takes your relationship to the next level?

Are you experiencing unexpected challenges in your current relationship? And would you like to discover a shortcut to overcoming those challenges?

Do you have loads of unresolved baggage that sabotages your relationship? And would you love to learn a simple proven method to just let it all go and return to that uncomplicated space of love and genuine appreciation?

Are you mistakenly trying to get your relationship to fill some void in your life? Are you trying to “fix” your partner? Identify and dispel the common debilitating myths and fantasies associated with relationships. Discover how accepting them as they are will allow them to love you more deeply.

The real solution to having the love and relationship you desire is to optimize your inner relationship with yourself. The unavoidable truth is that no one can love you more than you love yourself, nor can you love anyone else more than you love yourself. One of the key processes in this workshop is to develop your self-worth and self-love.

Here are some of the things you will learn to empower you to attract and manage a mature fulfilling relationship, or transform your current relationship…

• Truly empowering insight into human drives & motivations, and a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics governing relationships.

• A Vastly Expanded ability to Communicate Authentically & Effectively

• A New Level of Appreciation for Yourself & Others and an Increased Sense of Self-Worth

• A Profound New Experience of Love & Relationships and a Better Understanding of Unconditional Love, Soul-Mates, etc.

• A More Deeply Satisfying Appreciation for Your Life and Your Journey so far.


Intimate relationships have become one of the most complex, confusing and challenging arenas of modern life. Dispel the distracting and disempowering fantasies, myths and illusions that plague modern relationships, paving the way to your ultimate fulfillment and enjoyment.

This life changing workshop is a Beautifully Simple Synergy of Timeless Spiritual Wisdom, the most up-to-date understanding of Human Dynamics and the Fundamental Universal Laws & Principles which govern our lives.

Because our relationships with others are ultimately an extension of our relationship with ourselves, this workshop also includes in-depth self exploration and discovery, as well as practical tools and techniques to balance and empower your inner relationship with yourself. This process has profound and far reaching effects well beyond the scope of relationships and will enrich and empower many areas of your life.

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