Celebrating World Pulse: Voices of the Future 2013 Finalist


I am so humbled to be counted among the 31 finalists

nepal_2010It means a lot to me.

It also scares me a bit. Before this, I have been raising my voice through a filtered gap – behind the safety of an anonymous name on an anonymous space – my personal blog.

Being selected here means I no longer can continue that journey – at least the path diverges somewhat.

From my experience of the application process – through those 4 assignments, I broke so many of my self-built safety walls – it left me a bit anxious as well as excited.

Being among the finalists, I guess would mean I would have to pull the very foundation of those walls too 🙂

Thank you WorldPulse for believing in me.

This will give me the needed confidence and strength to voice my concerns, and my angst in a healthy way. I hope to be able to move forward without burning myself – and I want other people going through similar situations to be given the strength and support to walk their walk with a smile on their face.

This is not where I stop though. 🙂 My target is to be able to stand up in front of a crowd in the US and speak out loud with no inhibition.

A huge THANKS goes to all the lovely people who took the time to read my posts and leave such inspiring, encouraging, and heartfelt comments. Those comments made me go forward. It propelled me to always aim higher than the previous time. It gave me confidence.

Today, I would like to request all of you to continue that support. All of us need it. We need each other to keep us strong.

And seeing the list of the 31 finalists, I realize there are a few on the list I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with. Given that I read quite a lot of the posts and commented on so many different people’s writing – this amazes me. 🙂 Shows how many strong women are out there trying for the betterment of our world. Now is the time to get to know you all better, and I guess by the end of this program we will be one tight group.

As for those who are not among the 31. Believe it when I say that all of you were great. I was moved to tears by so many of your words and experiences. Keep sharing them on your journals and make a difference in making the world a better place for the human race. We need to pull our men folk along with us if we need meaningful change. Educating and sensitizing them to gender equality is very important.

All the best to all the lovely people who have walked with me on this journey. Please continue the walk with me.


About Me:
An information worker by profession.

The Maldives is developing economically at a fast speed. Yet the intellectual development and intellectual maturity of the populace is not keeping pace. I believe, the road to success lies in the fusion of these two. I feel an obligation to play a role in reaching out to the people in the outer parts of Maldives (especially people above 30), to encourage them to read and explore instead of being brainwashed by the political talks.

I also have a need and urge to speak about abuse against women. Most people take the abuse silently. I wish to break this silence. I am not that outspoken and I don’t believe in radicalism. Yet I want to, as subtly as possible, empower women to speak up, to stand up, to have a voice.

I love my nation dearly and want the country to prosper. I want the country to be a civilized place. The road to democracy is dividing the nation and its people’s unity. I have a wish to play a role in making this journey livable.

My Passions:
Writing, Reading, History, Publishing, Research
My Challenges:
A need for diplomacy that sometimes borders on an overly introvert personality.
My Vision for the Future:
To see Maldives as a civilized sociaty that respects basic human rights.
My Areas of Expertise:
My Languages:
English, Dhivehi

Thanks to: WORLD PULSE FOUNDER & WOMAN of ACTION™, Jensine Larsen


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