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 “The reality earth plane on which you currently exist is a result of the energy of your participation. In the time line each generation has left an imprint of positive + negative that has tipped quite vigorously into the negative. This is a result of being unconsciously without the influence of the soul. 

Most will reply to this vehemently that they have participated religiously within the parameters of their linear consciousness… the spiritual influences being regulated by a confined perspective that places all spiritual power + creation to an outside source.Our position is that by bringing the soulful energy into the person [it] can alter the imbalance that is occurring.Generations of incarnated souls have been aligned to place the power of thought outside of themselves.

The idea of a god being the omnipotent energy that decides the path of the physical beings that worship him.Now that the planet’s energy is dangerously askew we implore all souls incarnate to bring that omnipotent energy where it belongs, to the internal thought process by which all of you create reality (i.e. free will).

Your current linear is salvageable, however, the declaration of concentrated thought must be reclaimed so that the balance of energy can be regained. Free will is the claiming of the thought process that saves… so to speak… everything.

Do not feel the linear influence – “Oh I am but one.”

All of you come from unique entity sources designed to bring a balance of perspective to your linear creation.Participate energetically. Your connection to others may + will influence the mass consciousness creation that has gone awry.

  • Seize each day and bring your energy to it.
  • It will make a difference.
  • Think.
  • Be persistent.
  • Be linear while expressing your eternal soul.

It is why you are here. Become the energy of your soul and all will be well.

What if you were the one soul needed to tip the balance to the more positive participation?



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