Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius: Tall Tales And Happy Endings‏


solar eclipse-670People associate eclipses with calamity for some reason.

This makes them nervous. In reality, each eclipse has a unique flavor. It makes sense to consider what you’re dealing with before you go diving under the bed until the eclipse has passed.

Have you see the movie, Big Fish? It’s about a man who tells tall tales. What’s distinct about this man and his stories is that all his stories end well.

My friend and colleague, satori, likes to say, “If a story hasn’t ended well, it’s because it hasn’t ended.”

It’s a Jupiter-flavored statement that may very well be a home (Moon) truth (Sagittarius). It also fits the flavor of Thursday’s eclipse which is decidedly upbeat and high-spirited. Above and beyond the eclipse, there is a massive emphasis on Gemini and Sagittarius on this week.

To fare well, I recommend that you Think Optimistically.

Jupiter is emphasized and grace, generosity and forgiveness are in vogue.

Are you holding a grudge? This is the week you may allow it to be eclipsed!

Heads up to Gemini born between May 20-30th. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will be in your sign between these dates. That’s a lot of action in one area. Check out your Solar Return report to see what you can expect.

Have a great day and good (lucky) time this week!

Elsa P

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