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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this woman, a perfect power of example that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Rising above a childhood of abuse and emotional turbulence, this power of example devotes her life today to the betterment of others through her artwork, speaking engagements, and healing practices. Through the process of awakening in her own life, she works with other women to find their own light on this trail of life, leaving ripples of positive action at every stop.



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Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

My name is Gayle Crosmaz-Brown and it was no accident of birth that I was born in a town called Port Hope, as I am infinitely hopeful in my journey towards awakening.

My business is the Zhii Healing Arts Studio in downtown Peterborough at Citi-Centre where I practice my present career as an energy healer and counselor. I say present career because my lifetime of careers and personal journeys reads like a bucket list. This bucket list has been my lifetime of educational experiences, all of which have guided me toward my present work in helping others with their own personal challenges. Gayle has been honoured by Lama Lena with her Tibetan Buddha name of Sherab Dorjee.

Possibility QuoteI am often reminded of a conversation I had with my granddaughter, who is now 17 years old, when she was around five or six. She would name off all the things she wished to accomplish in her life, such as becoming a paleontologist, marine biologist, artist, politician, archeologist and so on, but she could not decide which path she should pursue. (She was a very precocious child for her age.)

I remember telling her she did not have to decide on any one particular career; I told her that there was no reason why she could not do everything she wished to accomplish in her life. All she needed was the desire to do it and with a confident heart, she would do it all. My own grandmother at her very early age empowered me with this mindset by watching her example.

This is exactly what I have been doing for the past 37 years, fulfilling my childhood bucket list of desires.

I began this life in an extremely dysfunctional family, which severely affected how I saw others and myself. This was the beginning of my life-long training for my present career, because experiencing, sharing, healing, and overcoming my own emotional issues led me to be a better healer for others. Since traveling was part of my long time dream, and a means of moving forward from my past, I lived in Calgary, Alberta a couple of times in my early life, and then Yellowknife, NWT and Vancouver Island before returning to my roots in Southeastern Ontario.

As a child, I wanted to be an artist, but then I also wanted to be a fashion designer, plus I dreamed of writing a book about my life experiences. I wanted to travel across Canada and experience living in and exploring our beautiful country. I also visualized a strong and loving family relationship. Now these dreams may not seem too much out of the ordinary for most, but I was also saddled with life-long challenges and emotional traumas dragging me down into negativity like an anchor.

A Shaman’s Journey


Shamanism is complex thought combining all forms of energy healing including but not limited to spiritual and faith healing, Hypnosis, imagery and herbal healing, meditation, reiki, and psychotherapy. The Shaman Master has a complete understanding of quantum physics and its relationship to the metaphysical and spiritual world as well as linking cultural beliefs. The Shaman has the ability to travel through and an understanding of, time and space and how the mind can affect and control the health of the physical body. Communicating with all energy life forms enables the Shaman to guide the client to this higher knowledge thus understanding their life’s’ purpose which includes the challenges of disease

The Practice

gayle mysticalThe Shaman Master is capable of entering an awakened trance, through drumming, chanting and/or fasting to determine and understand the health needs of the client. The Shaman remains fully aware of the client and verbally guides them to the emotional issues surrounding and/or causing their disease or discomfort. The Shaman aids the clients’ soul to astral project or leave the body by way of quantum physics.

This allows time travel through portholes, vortexes, and wormholes to other dimensions and higher knowledge. Returning the client to a time before their diseased body and aiding them in remembering how good health feels. Once the body’s’ cellular structure remembers what good health feels like, if the client’s mind will allow it, the body can begin to re-generate healthy cells.

History of Shamanism

*Shamanism has existed for over 40,000 years and is the oldest of all healing practices. This type of spiritual healing method is believed to have originated in western China and Russia. Many people continue to learn and practice Shamanism in the modern world. Native American spiritual healers also practice a form of Shamanism and they are known as Medicine Men. Anyone who wishes to become a Shaman must endure a strict and rigorous training to attain the ability to communicate with the spirits and provide physical and emotional healing for patients. *Referenced American Cancer Society

To obtain the higher knowledge required the Shaman Master must undergo decades of rigorous emotional growth. By experiencing, healing and learning the lessons of nearly every challenge experienced by mankind, the shaman has a complete understanding of each.

Benefits of Shamanism

gayle shaman toolsThe Shaman Master induces the client into remembering the untapped higher knowledge stored within their very soul and the reasons they have allowed the body to become diseased and ill. There are many reasons why disease takes over the body, they include but are not limited to unresolved stress and emotional issues. This usually relates to a challenge in the form a lesson the client has requested to learn before coming to the earth plane. The client must overcome these lessons then aid others to overcome their challenges as a “wounded healer”.

The Shaman Master can only introduce and explain higher knowledge and how quantum physics directly relates to their disease. Return to good health is in most part the responsibility of the client accepting this higher knowledge and understand the lessons that they have chosen. The least the Shaman can accomplish is to reduce stress and anxiety, promote clarity of mind and strengthen the will to live.

Cancer patients (wounded healers) are one of the most famous for rising above their disease, even if only for a time, reaching out with a helping hand to others suffering the same disease giving inspiration and support.

northumberland001I began my career as an artist although I had received no formal training (attending art school was my deepest desire). In 1978, at the age 25, I presented my bristol board portfolio full of detailed pen and ink drawings to the curator of the Northumberland Art Gallery, asking for an honest evaluation. I believed I was an artist, my family and friends told me I was an artist, but I was not sure if I was just playing or if this could be a serious career.

The curator, John, who became a friend for many decades, guided me not to go to art school. Instead, he suggested that I keep practicing my techniques, making and learning from my own mistakes and grow my own unique personality and style. I took his advice, not only with my art, but also with my life.

I continued for the next several decades living life and drawing, as well as learning from my many mistakes and moving beyond my own wildest dreams. With John’s encouragement, I submitted my work in several competitions, winning many awards including one from the Ontario Society of Artists, as well as a contract to be published. I was commissioned to do three drawings for a coffee table art book called Under This Roof. The show toured for 14 months to major art galleries across Southern Ontario. I have since been published many times and my instructional art book sold internationally and can still be found and bought on the Internet.

Since most of my earlier work was in pen and ink and that of a historical architectural nature, I can be found in two recently republished Historical Atlases: the Hasting County Atlas and the Peterborough County Atlas. My art has gone through many stages and growth: I taught from my home studio through Loyalist College, in Belleville, Ontario and then at North Island College, Comox, British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

Painting commission work and teaching enabled me to stay at home as an artist and career mom; I was always there to greet my girls when they arrived home from school. For personal reasons, I felt being there for my children was my first priority as this fulfilled the strong family unity of my childhood desires.

gayle vintageArt as a means of my inner healing was always a mainstay even when I had to perform other jobs to help support my family and career. I was a real estate agent, worked in property administration and management, and a full-time carpenter building houses and drafting blueprints with my husband for over a decade. I fulfilled my fashion design dream by opening a vintage clothing shop.

But my artistic creativity was always at the forefront of my life, even when it was expressed in different styles including mural painting, art signs, architecture, people and animal portraits. I even had the opportunity to perform the duties as director of the long running Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, Buckhorn, Ontario.

My husband and girls are always part of all my journeys.

They accompany me to trade shows, they aid me in teaching classes, and my daughters have performed with beautiful voices at my many networking events. They are forever an integral part of my life and my career. We enjoyed the adventurous lifestyle of traveling and exploring Canada together, including being homeless in the rain forest.

rain_forest_experience_Vancouver_IslandThere was one point during the early 90s when we lost our home and possessions during the recession. With spirits high I said, “We are moving to Vancouver Island.” Packing up what few possessions and small amount of money we had left, we all headed West. We lived homeless in a tent in the rain forest where the girls gathered stones from the beach. I painted local scenes on the flat little rocks, and then the girls would sell the mini scenes to tourists. Within six weeks we were in a house where I started up my art classes and within six months I had an art store and studio in Courtney, British Columbia. Through difficult times, I was teaching my daughters that positive belief overrides all negativity: what you believe makes it real (plus a lot of hard work!).

Through all our adventures and my personal journey, it has been a life-long struggle to overcome childhood emotional and physical abuse. Yet, this very abuse led me to what is the most important career choice I have ever made. I began my emotional recovery with another one of my bucket list items: telling my life story. During my first attempt to tell my story, I wrote a rough draft of my experiences from the age of 4 to 25, and how they affected my emotional growth. I was not sure if anyone would be interested in what I had to say, so I took my rough draft to an acquaintance, Graham Woods, who is a professional novelist and a writer of TV movies for CBC.

He immediately felt my message would reach more people, quickly, if it was made into a movie instead of a book. He was excited to write the screenplay and sold the idea to CBC. The movie Anne’s Story was released in 1983 and viewed by over two million people across Canada. It was rereleased in 1984 in the United States for Canada Week and then in South Africa in 1985. The movie was shown in sexual assault centres across Canada and the U.S. as a teaching tool. I was also able to successfully have a short story published in a booklet called “Voices,” which is still used in sexual assault centres in Canada today.

gayle speakerFrom there, I used these life experiences to draw inspiration for public speaking in high schools, Rotary International, Probus Group and sexual assault centres on the topic of recovering from mental illness and sexual abuse.

The information I have learned from all my experiences in life – the ups and downs and how to overcome them with joy – is all part of who I am and what I teach. Through intuitive learning, natural ability and the support of many amazing teachers, I am now a practicing energy healer.

I provide an important alternative therapy that is one of the fastest growing means of healing. I hold a discussion and meditation groups, provide one-on-one counseling sessions, and conduct an art therapy group at the studio.

1103908Recently I have become involved in music therapy, another of my passions, and connected with people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia in local Peterborough nursing homes.

In addition, I facilitated an art therapy workshop with over 70 people living with an intellectual disability from across Ontario at the fourth annual People First, Peterborough Chapter self advocacy conference.

Sharing my awakening and my gifts with others has come full circle.

I have finally taken that step toward writing and finishing my complete memoir. However, it is not merely a book about my life experiences, which is the book I had always imagined writing.

Instead it is a book of awakening to a positive lifestyle. I believe in the positive.


Keeper of Eastern European Wisdom
Shares her awakening
Remembers the source of her Higher Self

Within the pages of this beautiful spiritual memoir, Gayle remembers the source of her Higher Self as her life story unfolds, and shares her awakening to universal knowledge. Beginning with a near death experience at birth she traverses numerous conflicts and challenges, transmuting them into positive beliefs.

“Gayle demystifies the evolution of awakening and demonstrates how to heal your Spiritual self”

Gayle Crosmaz-Brown Front Cover5

* Discover the advantage of regression therapy to access ancestral cellular memory
* Journey through astral projected visions
* Learn the importance of connecting with the land and nature
* Identify with personal examples of transmuting the negative effects of trauma into positive values
* Understand Karma and Dharma
* Communicate with spirit and other ascended masters
* Explore trance channeled experiences and soul songs in ancient cosmic languages
* Understand the quantum mechanics of parallel realities
* Simplify alternate dimensions, time lines and their connections to emotional healing
* Manifest law of attraction by way of intention
* Recognize the benefits of meditation drum therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
* Identify with personal healing stories from the Zhii community
* Access your Higher Self by balancing the mind, body and spirit

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Starr Seed Medicine Wheel Teachings

“Gayle demystifies the evolution of awakening and demonstrates how to heal your Spiritual self” by discovering the journey and path of your soul. Acknowledge and celebrate the challenges you have overcome, where you are on your journey and what may lay ahead. The weekend retreat begins on a Friday evening with a fireside drum circle and wisdom teachings of the drum. Saturday and Sunday will include the step by step phase our souls take to enlightenment. Record your insights with the step by step ancient art of pictograph painting using only hands and twigs as your tools.”



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A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this awakened soul into our global Alumni with open arms, looking forward to many collaborations for healing the women of our world.


Brava Gayle!



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