Sun will be exactly conjunct Mars(competition) in Aries (courage)


elsa-PThis is an excellent time to breakaway from the pack.

The Sun will be exactly conjunct Mars in Aries on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This is especially notable because Mars is in it’s own sign and the Sun is exalted.

Aries is concerned with courage and fresh starts. Mars love competition and will fight to win.

The Sun is a creative force. Solar energy is overt.

This is why the Sun is high-functioning in Aries.

  • Do you have the courage to shine brightly?
  • You can think about a soldier, acting brashly. But what about the scrawny kid who has the audacity to think he or she can stand up and win the spelling bee?
  • Is that not heroic?
  • If you’re waiting to ACT, I’d wait no longer. Why shine dimly?

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Have a great day!
Elsa P

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