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Faith to Success

Be all you can be by using the Wisdom of the Universe


Healing the Past:

Healing the past starts with your first teachers: Including parents, schoolteachers and all so-called advisers you unwittingly let into your life to show you the good, the bad and ugly of their ill-advised traumatic knowledge.

familyoforigintreeIf these so-called teachers had poor role models, then their inadequacies although inadvertently could have fallen upon you.

Therefore, if your parents, caretakers, relatives or teachers, although well meaning, did not have a clue towards their happiness or success, including failed relationships, more than likely your successful accomplishments and positive goals in life may also have been found lacking at every turn.

It is possible that ignoring signs of emotional related family psychological maladjustment will be contributing to years of unresolved medical issues.

For Example: stiff necks, headaches, back pains and sinus problems, to name a few, unless you reach deep into the core of on-going unresolved problems.

  • Once you are willing to become aware, and acknowledge how passed down defects within your family circle may be the reason for your turmoil, you will rapidly discover viable ways leading to numerous successful transformations. Such as: taking classes that teach master consciousness to help begin your awakening on how to succeed within a masterful state, instead of only wishing and hoping which causes one to remain in what I’ve penned,” A state of “Half-Mast,” or, only half way towards being a, “full-time Master of your fate.”
  • Finally, when you are ready to locate the core of your discontent stopping you from that which you deserve by Divine Right, you will then allow yourself to embrace all negative imprinting keeping you from manifesting your desires and intentions. Remember, “Intention is a map for the mind,” one of 103 Taraisms (Truisms to live by) from my book,” Universe on the Move,
  • Be all you can be.


Being in the Now:

If your parents led a life that did not work for them and you find yourself mirroring their ill informed past leading to similar life failures, it is time to understand that you too are just as stuck.

Here is an exercise to help find the true you, and stop believing that you are as stuck in an unrewarding life, as your mother or father:

  1. Stare into a mirror.
  2. Look deep into your eyes and say, “I am not my mother. I am not my father. I Am a child of God, perfect in every way.” So be it.Bear in mind, our parents and relatives were our first teachers and if their lives were unhappy or burdened with indecision, leading to procrastination, likely you too will assume their role and their lot in life.

Know that when you are in the Now you have Won; for now spelled backwards is won.

Also, realize that you are the master of time, and after you do the exercises and repeat the words be completely willing to allow them into your life:

  • “I am the master of time, I have the time to do whatever I want with whomever I want and whenever I want.” So be it.


What the Future holds:

During my work at health conferences, wellness expos, psychic fairs and book signings, people usually ask, “What do you see in my future?

To which I seriously proclaim, “You have no future.”

Shocked by my candid answer, they respond, “Why, am I going to die?”

Of course” I retort, with a smile. “We are all going to die. However, you will have a future once you heal the past, live in the now and be willing to open to the messages I receive from Universal Wisdom.”

After that explanation, I usually get a smile and a sigh of relief that I did not see eminent doom in their future.

Suggestions that may help you on your journey, easy and effortlessly:

  • Before I start any classes or sessions, I always ask a client or group, “Are you willing for this healing to take place at this time.” When I hear a resounding, “Yes,” I then teach them the prayer for protection.

I call on the Pink Light of Unconditional Luv, the Sapphire Blue Flame of Enlightenment and the White Light of Christ Energy protection, to surround me, enfold me and cleanse me of all that is less then Christ perfection.

I do this in the name of the, I Am Presence, so be it praise God.”

When one is scared, and in need of immediate protection, shout, “White Light.” To which, the White Light of protection will instantly surround you.

When you want to get into the state of Alpha (sleepy feeling before sleep or meditation sets in) here is a breathing exercise that I use to get clients comfortably calm and open which helps working with them in an easy and effortless manner.

  1. First, exhale without breathing in.
  2. Breath in through your nose for a count of five, (Five means change)
  3. Hold for a count of five. (When you stop breathing, you are dying and the closest to God)
  4. Exhale for a count of five and once again hold for count of five.
  5. Repeat the above exercise five times.

Many have problems physically facing the people they feel have hurt them. To which I say, “You don’t have to be in the same room with them in order to communicate your true feelings.”

Chakra-MeditationI then proceed to instruct them on the, “Touching the Lion on the Nose,” exercise. Within this powerful Universal meditation (found on page 40 of my book) you will learn how to discuss with those you still have unresolved issues.

And to whom you have been unable, or too scared to face in order to assist them to become aware of how you feel. Whereby, changes to you and your recipients will help all concerned get on with their lives.

This useful meditation to be accomplished in a nonjudgmental reflective way works on so many levels, especially when you are willing to mentally share with those you still have unfinished emotional concerns with. The more uncomfortable you feel being around them the greater the unhealthy concern.

Furthermore, when the exercise is completed, the Universe (God, Jesus all there is) will joyfully take your messages to those whose hearts have now been open to receive sincere words that you have been waiting so long to express. Moreover, the next time you hear or see those contacted during this God-Like exchange you will notice that love has replaced years of suffering. For anger-begot anger and now

Love begets love,

angel-iconI personally work and travel in, “A.S.T., Angelic Standard Time.” When asked how fast A.S.T. is, I answer, “Faster than the blink of an eye.”

Whenever I travel, I always begin my new adventure by saying, “Angels, put me on your wings and get me to my next on purpose destination easy and effortlessly in A.S.T., so be it.”

From my Blog:

  • May today there be peace within?
  • May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be?
  • May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others?
  • May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you?

May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each one of us.



Tara A. Rae

BookCoverTara A. Rae, affectionately known as the Butt-Kicking Angel, is an Intuitive Emotional Counselor, transformational therapist and meta-physician who conducts workshops on be all you can be, Complete Body Association, gemstone use, and nutrition to name a few. She does personal consultations and is available for expos and conventions.

Tara’s first book, Universe on the Move was published in May 1999.

Her present lecture series is “Do everything easy and effortlessly or don’t do it at all”based on her newly published book. 

Author of: “Universe on the Move,” an inspirational book to be all you can be, easy and effortlessly

E-mail: [email protected]


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