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Signs of Kundalini



Kundalini-light-crown Survey‏

You experienced your first Kundalini rising from the base to the head

  • Do you remember if and when?
  • If so, had you been meditating? For how many years?
  • Or, did was the experience spontaneous?
  • When did you first experience the Kundalini throughout your body?
  • In your hands?
  • Had you studied or trained yourself first?
  • Or, was the experience spontaneous and unexpected?
  • Did you understand what was occurring?
  • How Often do you experience the electrical/tingling/ or warmth?
  • Do you see God’s Light?
  • Under what circumstances?
  • Does the blessing last long and vary?
  • Does Light take various forms when it appears?
  • Does Light sometimes display its color rays?
  • Is it usually spontaneous or do you call on it?

If you would take the time to answer these questions , it will tell you a great deal about your self and I will include the survey in the novel I am currently writing.

shirlee-hall-angel1Many Thanks and blessings,

Oh, by the way, there is suppose to be a pink Moon, full, celebrating the Wesak Festival, Buddha’s birthday tonight.
Much love, Shin


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