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Signs of Kundalini



Kundalini-light-crown Survey‏

You experienced your first Kundalini rising from the base to the head

  • Do you remember if and when?
  • If so, had you been meditating? For how many years?
  • Or, did was the experience spontaneous?
  • When did you first experience the Kundalini throughout your body?
  • In your hands?
  • Had you studied or trained yourself first?
  • Or, was the experience spontaneous and unexpected?
  • Did you understand what was occurring?
  • How Often do you experience the electrical/tingling/ or warmth?
  • Do you see God’s Light?
  • Under what circumstances?
  • Does the blessing last long and vary?
  • Does Light take various forms when it appears?
  • Does Light sometimes display its color rays?
  • Is it usually spontaneous or do you call on it?

If you would take the time to answer these questions , it will tell you a great deal about your self and I will include the survey in the novel I am currently writing.

shirlee-hall-angel1Many Thanks and blessings,

Oh, by the way, there is suppose to be a pink Moon, full, celebrating the Wesak Festival, Buddha’s birthday tonight.
Much love, Shin


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  1. Team Celebration says

    sonia. TAI-YO pellerino (President of Meditation Coach &. Your Personal Meditation Coach) wrote:

    “It started again at age 25 for me, always have been made aware from mother and grand mother, since I was a child, nice and slow, mindful to the lessons as it raised! But yes when it reaches my throes eye least week. Total happiness. Love kundalini yoga, changed my life. Love love love everywhere Fb Sonia Taiyo Twittier @buddhistprincess Sat nam”

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