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We are a group of friends living in Italy, in Southern Tuscany and are creating a Women’s non profit association based on the idea of sharing the land and its fruits, exchanging work, knowledge and time rather than solely using money as a means of self-sustainment , recovering areas that have been abandoned around here in the low mountains of Tuscany. Our link is http://www.bluepig.it/tenda_eng.php

We are looking for supporters at the moment because the place designed for our meetings is a tipee that we would like to create and self-finance with an “how to make a tipee” course.

We only need 8 participants!

This is the page of the course!

If you could please help us spread the word we would be most grateful.

At the end of the course the Historian and Anthropologist Michela Zucca

Will hold a conference on the subject of Women’s Solidarity and Resistance throughout history. Then we will have a party under the stars hopefully with musicians playing old traditional types of music (medieval, Irish and ethnic), jugglers and street artists, share food , sing and dance.”

Please spread the word

Thank you


La Tenda della Luna (literally “The Moon Tent”) is an independent cultural non -profit association created by women for the women which has the purpose of creating a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space in which women of every age, ideological definition, social class, orientation or walk of life may share themselves through ludic , cultural, therapeutic and creative activities of various types, or simply spending time together merely for the sake and joy of being together.

In the three hectares or so of available land we will try to develop, through exchanges of communities and individuals, a eco-village mignon, mainly dedicated to women and their children, with yurtas, tipees, a biological vegetable garden , officinal plants , lavender, olive and fruit trees, and natural spaces to share for fun as well as with the overall aim of self sufficiency.

We are interested in exchanges especially in this phase in which the project is still new, so anyone who feels she has an art to share to develop this land or shared space is welcome to contact us. The central idea is to discover together the spontaneity of an intimate and joyful contact among women and between women and Nature, of which, in ages ignored or denied by the vast majority of academic studies and school-texts, women were considered to be a reflection and manifestation in human body.

We will propose various types of activities (readings, dances under the sky, singing, hut sweating, walks, parties, theater shows and performing arts, and so on) through which we may find again this ancestral contact and perhaps re-establish a fragment of that joy and “sisterhood” which supposedly — and there is still who believes it— bonded together women in matriarchal times, in other words that intimate and simple closeness which ages of patriarchy have been trying to demolish without, however, succeeding completely.


tendaIt is our wish to find funds to establish a publishing company dedicated to secluded women, rebels, witches, fairies and she-warriors of past and present, to give voice again to those whose voice has been taken away, to publish those books, researches, poetry and stories that are unlikely to be published. (By the end of 2013 we will propose some permanent links with some of the books intended for publishing, please check this page once in a few months time)

The idea is of creating: A fiction and biographies collection, for tales, biographies and self biographies.

A collection dedicated to education, mainly for mothers and daughters but also for sons, and ‘alternative’ education which dissociates itself from that of the dominating system (e.g. home-schooling, alternative schools etc.)

A collection dedicated to research, for women who, in history, politics, in the tribes of those place which still haven’t been “westernised”, in literature, in philosophy, in the arts, in music and in the history of art have fought to affirm women’s voices.

A collection for children dedicated to female children and in particular to female children of “different” families (e.g. born and/or raised in homosexual families), to give out stories in which children who do not live traditional realities at home may identify and feel part of.

take action

It is possible to give donations through *PAYPAL* ([email protected]) for this project and to follow its growth online on this page.

If within five years from January 2014 the sum of money necessary to the establishment of this publisher has not been raised, the given money will be given back to the donors.


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