WOMEN in RECOVERY – Spiritual ‘Re-awakening’ in the Stillness

Spiritual Re-awakening’ requires that You spend some time alone in quiet thought. It is important that you allow yourself to decompress find quiet time to reflect, nourish yourself spiritually and emotional. In these quiet moments in life, take the time to BE thoughtless, meaning allow your thoughts to flow freely. The only effort that You should exert during these moments, is the intention to NOT THINK.

It is in this, the only justified ‘thoughtless’ times in Your Life that the Divine will connect, inspiration will HIT, and You will be left in a state of Amazement, Curiosity, Joy, and a true sense of having a Soul. This connected-ness is the Path to Spiritual Awakening; the ability to completely ‘let go’ of the reins….will enable the Faith of a deep ‘knowing‘ that there is so much more than this out there.

…all We have to do is Believe.

Try this and find out just how peaceful life can really be; even if the peace is held in momentary lapses. The energy one is Gifted with during these times of devotion will have a deep residual value in Your everyday life. The payback for this standing still will slingshot You forward in ways that You could never imagine.


Enjoy the ride!

Meditation to assist in Standing Still.

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Words by Shirlee Hall and music by Vedam Roché. Shirlee examines an important question also covered in her book, My Own Tree.

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