The Single Mum Status is so empowering … Zimbabwe


Every woman longs to be loved and to be cherished.

Hillary World PulseBut sometimes, life is not always the way she wants it to be especially when it comes to matters of the heart and this is why she finally opts for the ‘single mother‘ status, which in my belief is so empowering.

Sometimes she gets scared that she is not going to get it right and so compromises her position especially in meeting new love prospects…

it can be empowering but also terribly lonely.

Although society at times might not make it any easier for her, she is driven by an internal need to succeed, a need to feel wanted and make life a success for her children.

Her ability to multi- task without even thinking about it goes beyond reasonable doubts as one of her best qualities.

Most astonishing is the way she loves her children unconditionally even though life can take its toll out of exhaustion both physically and emotionally.

Having been raised by a single mum myself, I salute the single mum for her endurance and just have a good look at how much of a success we have all turned out to be, simply because of them.

Otto Tendayi Mponda The author is an independent published researcher within the areas of media discourse, corpus analysis and critical discourse analysis. His passion for democracy motivates him to continue research on how language theories from applied linguistics can best be used to solve socio- political problems affecting African contemporary politics. Birmingham, Zimbabwe



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