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Launching new book on March 10 as we celebrate Women’s History Month with Women Storytelling.

This year I am launching my new book,

Inspire Your Inner Global Leader — True Stories for New Leaders.”


  • Are you a Newcomer to leadership? 
  • Do you dream about making a difference? 
  • In your community? 
  • Your workplace? 
  • In the Global Village? 

DeborahLevineSmallThese stories are for the new, passionate leader who is determined to impact the future. My storytelling blends family, history, humor and training into a can’t-put-it-down Guide. Use the stories to chart your course to global leadership. They inspired me to explore the unexplored as a woman born into an era of limited opportunity.

Now it’s your turn to map the journey to leadership that is uniquely yours.

We begin the journey to Global Leadership with awareness.

The stories and heroes that surround us everyday guide us by example. The key to your transformation into a Global Leader is as close as your personal history and that of the people close to you. Each chapter in Inspire Your Inner Global Leader is a true story of a daughter, grand-daughter, mother, career woman, activist. They are designed to light your path from Newcomer to Expert, from Dreamer to Future Leader.

The CULTURE TIPS are road signs guiding your steps …
The NEWCOMER COMMENTS keep you company along the way …
The BLOG FOOD questions give you energy for the trip …


  • What’s in a Name?
  • Waterbabies Plan for Deep Waters
  • The Past Predicts The Future
  • Keep the Faiths
  • Avoid Culture Clashes the Old Fashioned Way
  • Keep Your Balance
  • Discrimination Hurts
  • Young, Restless & Visionary
  • Be Heroic
  • Know When to Shut Up
  • Say No to Hate Speech
  • Women are Social Glue
  • Who is Really Disabled?

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At 3:00pm on March 10th, the public is invited to a reading of ‘Love, Leadership and History: A gift to generations’, with Deborah Levine, at Heritage House in East Brainerd, a cultural center of the City of Chattanooga’s Dept. of Education, Arts & Culture.

HeritageHouseExtHeritage House is an Arts and Civic Center located in Heritage Park. Once the estate of the Henshell Family, the park and house have been transformed for the community’s benefit. Festivals and other public events occur throughout the year. These include Hub Fest, Photo Fest, CHEO Healthwise Seminar, East Brainerd Marketplace, Sweet Diversity, Bark in the Park, East Brainerd Public Safety Seminar, Nights of Heritage, Ambi Artists and other events. Heritage House may also be rented for private events and meetings.

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Ms. Levine, Editor of the American Diversity Report and award-winning author, will share her collection of stories and readings comprised of excerpts from her book “Inspire Your Inner Global Leader” and her extensive collection of letters written during World War II, between a Jewish husband stationed in Europe and Germany as a US military intelligence officer and his young wife back home in Bermuda.

DEBRA LEVINE INSPIRECome be ‘inspired, enlightened and enchanted‘ as Ms. Levine draws us into these compelling stories using her captivating talents as an expert story teller and author. The afternoon will include discussions, demonstrations and a book signing.

Inspire Your Inner Global Leader is #1 on Goodreads’ International Development Listopia. The book served as a text book for Chattanooga’s Youth Global Leadership Class and has gained national attention.


Your Guide, Inspire Your Inner Global Leader“, has been very inspirational to all the students. The personal anecdotes and focus questions make the book relatable to everyone, and it has helped me to even learn more about myself.” ~ Nisha Boyington, Founder, Youth Global Leadership Class Chattanooga

“I think your book has strong value and merit. Not just for youth, but for their leaders … Your book is inspirational. And it empowers one to dream beyond present-day horizons and experience vicarious vignettes of a past life within the digital framework of your poignant prose.” ~ Mike Green, Award-winning Journalist

Doors open at 2:30pm Deborah Levine begins at 3:00 pm. There is no charge to attend this event. Presented by Deborah Levine Enterprises LLC. and City of Chattanooga, Department of Education, Arts & Culture.

For more information contact The Heritage House at 423-855-9474.



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