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hope whispersLike the spine of a human being, there are a lot of things that simply will not matter unless the “core” of your life is intact. The spine of the human being is vital. Without it, legs, vocal cords, arms, and brains are far from useless, but still less useful than if the spine was intact.

That spine is sobriety.

Sobriety for me holds me together. It holds my routines together, my desire to better my life. It braces the need for education. It structures my need to help others, and it truly is an essential that I must strive to keep for the rest of my days.

The path of sobriety is a long path. In fact, it starts with a lot of negativity. That negativity though is what you already know. It is the troubled times you’ve had. The emotions, consequences, lost opportunities and struggles.

Going from that negativity to a sober lifestyle can be hard. Yet every transition is tough! I am here to tell you (and many others will tell you the same) that the tough transition is worth it.

One hundred percent.

If you read through other articles here, and others on the web, and talk with recovering addicts and alcoholics around the world, you will notice a common theme. In each recovering man or woman, you’ll hear about a negative lifestyle. Yet you’ll also see their positive stance on life. You’ll see each aspect of their life working together to create this ultimate sense of happiness, fulfillment and stability. A person truly dedicated to their recovery can find happiness in every situation, no matter what is thrown at them.

rose colored glassesThat is something that comes in recovery. And as I told you…recovery begins with negativity. So even if you are feeling negative, unwilling or dismissive – it is okay! I felt the same way in the beginning too. And so did the people that helped me reach the point I am at today! That thought that it’s not worth it. That it’s impossible. I’ve felt like that plenty of times before. Yet here I am.

It is very possible. The foundation is important though. You must be “the spine”. Only you can take control of your life, and only you can put in the dedication that is needed to recover. If you can do that, then you’ll begin to notice your life changing in a way more positive and faster than before.

You can do it.

Never forget the fact that you are capable.

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