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is elated to finally Celebrate the Life of one of our world’s award winning entertainers, earning herself a long list of credits that include being Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Host, and writer in different aspects of the entertainment industry which include live stage show, commercials, music videos, various sports related documentaries, film and television shows.

This powerhouse is also a global re-known feminist working not only for women’s rights, but devoting a large amount of her life to human rights through a plethora of philanthropic avenues.  




Jennifer Phillips


Jennifer Phillips is a Telly Award winning entertainer. Her diversity in the entertainment field has allowed her to flourish in the motion picture industry, television and other forms of productions. Her impressive stage and on screen presence, along with her versatility to adapt to fast changing environments have allowed her to develop as a key player in the entertainment industry.

telly-bronze-1Jennifer is an entertainment pioneer. Her diversity has allowed her to flourish in the motion picture industry, television and other forms of entertainment.

She has also won a prestigious Telly Award for Directing.

Her impressive stage and on screen presence, along with her ability to adapt to changes has allowed her to develop as a host/emcee. Under the banner of J Phillips Creative Management, her distinctive fight/action choreography style and ability to think outside the box has brought her a long list of achievements in film, television, live stage shows and print.

Phillips has made a home for herself in the entertainment arena in the United States through ties to top grossing action movies, television, and live stage shows. Her association with productions the likes of Salt, Kung Fu Panda, Charlie’s Angels, Watchmen and the X-Men franchise, has allowed for her to develop an unconventional and unique brand of entertainment that has delighted audiences around the world. Her team and her have been involved in productions via numerous channels such as body doubles, stuntmen, action co-ordinators, as well as fight choreographers.

J Phillips Creative Management Fight Choreography

This is a demo reel for J Phillips Creative Management. Telly Award winning Director Jennifer Phillips is the Chief Fight Choreographer for JPCM. This short clip highlights some of America’s top forms and weapons performers combined with Phillips’ innovative choreography style to bring to you an exciting array of choreographed fight moves.

The fight crew uses no rigs. Everything you see is done without camera tricks. This group has been involved in numerous projects including film, music videos and live stage performances. JPCM now has offices out of North America and Asia.

Phillips’ long list of credits include being an Executive Producer and Director in various aspects of the entertainment industry including commercials, music videos, sports related documentaries, and live stage shows.

Jennifer-Phillips X MENWith the launch of JPCM, her career as a producer, action director/fight choreographer, host/emcee, and writer flourished. She has been on several major TV network news programmes like NBC affiliate KCRA Channel 3’s morning news, Good Morning Sacramento, Good Day Sacramento, Fox News Channel 40, CBS affiliate Channel 10, UPN Channel 31 and other TV programmes in the United States.

In addition to her stint on US news programs, and the documentary series, “On the Road”, she has served as host to major industry events including US Open live action shows in Disneyland, Florida which has been broadcast on ESPN2, and Project Action’s Annual Celebrity Auction.

She has emceed for other US national events like the National Health and Fitness Expo, Pacific Rim Festival, National Make a Difference Day, US National Census Day, Annual Alzheimer’s Run, just to name a few.

She was also host and Executive Producer for the documentary, Sponsorship: Financial Burdens of Competing Professionally.

jennifer DHS_LOGOHer work extends to the stages of Disney-MGM Hollywood Studios Theme Park’s: Star Wars Weekend, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Playhouse Disney Live on Stage, High School Musical Pep Rally, Disney Stars and Motor Cars, Block Party Bash, Fantasmic, etc.

jennifer huffPhillips’ was also the playwright for the new musical “Huff! The Musical”.

She also wrote the Christmas musical Love: In Stores Now and The F Word, “that premiered at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival in 2010 where it was nominated for Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award.

Phillips has broadened her horizons to the Far East by being the host for shows at various venues including the Esplanade Theatre and the University Cultural Centre in Singapore, other venues in the region, as well as other diverse social events.

Phillips was featured on The Living Room with Melanie Oliverio on 98.3 LIVE.


Phillips’ achievements have garnered her several commendations and awards from the likes of the Governor of California, a Resolution from the US Senate and even a Presidential Sports Award from President Bill Clinton.

Jennifer Phillips’ 20-year experience as an advisor and strategist to leaders in the corporate world, elite athletes and athletic teams. Executive Peak Performance takes the psychology and physiology of peak performance in professional sports from the field into the boardroom – create a winning edge by conditioning both mind and body.

She has been recognized for her tireless work with “at-risk youth” by various United States governmental agencies and community leaders, making her the first and only Woman to receive Project Action Foundation’s “Anne Rynne Award”.



Action Director/TV and Film Ties: Under the banner of JPCM her team and her have been involved in numerous channels ranging from action direction, body doubles, stunt people, action coordinators, as well as fight and action choreographers/directors.
Jennifer-Phillips CHOREOG

  • Salt
  • The Twilight Saga – Eclipse
  • King Fu Panda
  • X- men Franchise
  • Watchmen
  • 300
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Jumper
  • Push
  • King of Fighters
  • Biohazard 5 (Resident Evil 5)
  • Leverage
  • Human Target
  • CSI Miami

(*this is a short list only – comprehensive list available upon request)

  • Telly Award Winner – 28th Annual Telly Award for Directing
  • TV Commercials: Various Industries and Commercial Projects


Music Video:

  • This is It (Michael Jackson)
  • The Needs
  • Black Eyed Peas

Documentary: Sponsorship: Financial Burdens of Competing Professionally

  • On the Road Series


Miscellaneous: Singapore Street Festival video promo

  • Miscellaneous live Action Stage Shows
  • Disney – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Playhouse Disney Live on Stage
  • Disney-MGM Hollywood Studios Theme Park


  • Huff: The Musical
  • “Working title” – 2 Commissioned Christmas Musicals (in pre-production)
  • Misc corporate and privately commissioned works

[STGCC 2010] Team J Phillips Hollywood Action “Reel to Real”

She was part of the creative team for the production of Asean Serenade and Sing, Sing, Sing.
Host/Entertainer: Team J Phillips

  • NBC affiliate KCRA Channel 3’s morning news
  • Good Morning Sacramento
  • Team J Phillips

  • Good Day Sacramento
  • Fox News Channel 40
  • CBS affiliate Channel 10
  • UPN Channel 31
  • Other local TV programmes in the United States
  • National Health and Fitness Expo
  • Asian Festival
  • National Make A Difference Day
  • US National Census Day
  • Asean Serenade at the Esplanade
  • Sing Sing Sing at UCC
  • Misc. Social Events
  • Star Wars Weekend – Disney MGM
  • Documentary – On The Road Series
  • US Open – Disneyland Orlando
  • ESPN 2
  • California State Fair
  • Pacific Rim Festival
  • Project Action Annual Celebrity Auction



BMW Olympic Joy Festival: Extreme Performance

This video is from the Olympic Joy Festival in Beijing China. We got to share the stage with the biggest names in entertainment including Director Zhang Yimou (Hero, Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony), Leona Lewis (Bleeding Love, Collide).
Choreography: J Phillips

Members of Team J Phillips here include: Daniel Graham, Vince Clemmons, Dan Perez Tejada, Kyle McLean, Kyle Shapiro, John Sadie, Feng Xiao Yao, Mao Mao, Tu Feng Hao, Zhu Chen, Zhang Lei, Lui Lin.

From the new musical “Love: In Stores Now”, 5C’s celebrates the 5 iconic luxury brands that start with the letter “C” — Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Chopard, and Chloe. Wayne has just broken up with Molly and her new friend, Julie, is trying to cheer her up by telling her that all a girl needs is the “5C’s”.

Book and Lyrics by Jennifer Phillips, Music by Iskandar Ismail, Directed by Loretta Chen. Sung by Cynthia Lee-Macquarrie and Amy Cheng. Choreographed by Andy Cai. Dancers: Sheena Seah, Esther Ng, Jenette Anzalone.


Hollywood Fight Choreographer Jennifer Phillips on 938LIVE!
J Phillips demo 1



The F Word A Giant Step Towards the Global Empowerment of Women

Written by Telly award winner Jennifer Phillips, this is a giant step towards global Empowerment of Women.

Inspired by the stories of real women around the world, this play encompasses the trials, tribulations, joy, pain, and the jubilation that women face.

thefword-idfinalThe F Word is a powerful chronicle of all things F***ed : fun, fierce, fantastic!

The F Word is not a static script and we are on the constant look out for new stories just waiting to be told and welcome your contributions.

If you would like to be a supporter of the show and movement, you can always contribute your change to The F Word. Your funding will directly aid in the production/touring of this world premiere.

Whether you are a Man from Mars or Woman from Venus, join in this Earth-shattering, no-holds barred theatrical cabaret! Make this your mandatory support effort and leave all inhibitions at the door!

Fierce, Funny, F***ing Fantastic!!


A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this woman into our Alumni  of WOMEN of ACTION™  

and onto our Board of Directors with open arms, looking forward to sharing many future achievements together, working in our world on a mission to better the lives of all women around our globe. 

We are so very excited announce that she is now here to work with the Women of our World as our very own Director of Events … we are proud to call her our own!


Brava Jennifer!



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