Voice of the World

They call us Third World
below the Second
below the First
because we have less
produce less
suffer more

But three are really one these days
we can help you understand
come and let us show you
hear the One World voice

Religious leaders gives us food
teaches kids to read
Political leaders gives promises
and sewage in the street

Work all day to buy a chicken
or dine on scraps of rich
don’t say we have democracy
and allies in the West

Fill not the mouth of famine
if you fear to make us strong
but feed the brains of young ones
not yet won to jihad’s cause

Come and give them options
show them one big world
Love is the only answer.

Days of Earthen Houses

Slaves in Egypt
bricks without straw
mud along the Nile

“Another day older
deeper in debt”
mud along Pakistan’s Indus River

Adobes of New Mexico
adobes of Palomas, Mexico
brick-makers of Pakistan

Drying bricks shrink from wood
bake hard on edge in summer sun
their makers deep in debt

Brick in mortar
adobe in mud
walls of slavery rise

Lintels rough-sawn cut from pine
Bond-beam tops the wall—
concrete, steel, and sweat

Vigas visible overhead
herringbone aspen spans between
flat roof of tar and gravel

Gravel to block the sun
canales to drain the rain and rancor
through the final parapet

Wire and scratch-coat cover the walls
brown-coat, color-coat, sponge-troweled
stucco rounded all around

Gypsum plaster and sand inside
hard troweled Structolite
white paint curves around us

as in Spain, so in Mexico,
so New Mexico, and Pakistan
terracota bricks, Earth Day, earth houses

From dust of the earth
dwellings rise
from Faisalabad to slaves along the Nile.


Hope Development Organization is a National NGO, struggling for the Women rights in Pakistan, it is registered under the societies registration Act XX1 1860, Joint Stock Companies.

HDO was founded in the year of 1997 by a Feminist group and Women equal rights believers in the result of horrible crimes against women in Pakistan like Purdah or Child Marriage (Vani), Honor killings, Domestic violence, Acid throwing, Bride burning, Watta satta , Sati, Dowry death, Murder of pregnant women, Human trafficking, Sexual slavery,Forced prostitution, Sexual violence, Rape, Violence against prostitutes, Female genital cutting.

Pakistani government take quick actions on complaints and have made few laws to protect women rights; but still there is more then 84% of cases that are invisible because of the fear in women of this society.


SUPPORT HDO HERE: http://hopedevelopmentpk.org/



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