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elsa-PThis week is dominated by Jupiter in Gemini squaring a large stellium in Pisces. Keywords for this energy include grace, transcendence, forgiveness, bliss and benevolence.

I think it’s cool this period coincides with the Lenten season, where people are encouraged to give alms. It’s a wonderful time to share your gifts with others.You can’t go wrong by giving generously (Jupiter) over the next several weeks.

Outside of that, all planets remain direct this week until Sunday when Saturn in Scorpio turns retrograde. With Saturn retrograde, progress may seem to be stalled as we head back to ground we’ve already covered to make sure we’ve picked the carcass clean. Sorry to be gross, but you know. I’m Elsa P and I think like this. For details see – The High Side Of Losing Ground

As an example of how this works in real life, I used to grow these small tumors, called ganglions, in the wrist of my left hand. I had several surgeries to remove them, but they always came back within six months.

The fourth surgeon I saw told me he would dig deep and try to get at the root of the problem so it could not reestablish itself. I came out of that surgery with a long jagged vertical cut on my wrist where the other doctors had cut horizontally. I was jarred at how mangled my wrist was.

The surgeon told me the root extended back into my arm so he did what was necessary to cure me of this problem. Sure enough, I have not been bothered by ganglions for twenty-five years. Keep this in mind if you find yourself going back over material you’ve already covered. Obviously, you’ve got to dig deeper and here is your chance.

Note to Pisces: This is a going to be a big year for you. This stellium will show up in your solar return chart somewhere. I’d definitely consider buying a report.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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