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WE’VE got a problem: Human Trafficking

In our ‘human civilization’, millions are enslaved as prostitutes
Pimps kidnap, terrorize and rape 1,000,000 children every year
They make billions of $ at the expense of destroying young lives

WE’VE got to put a stop to it!




WE’VE got a plan:

To stop sex business by stopping sex customers, human trafficking

WE’VE got a goal:
To keep sex within marriage by education and activism

WE’VE got an ideal:
To define marriage as one man and one woman together forever

WE’VE got hope for humanity:
To raise the potential of human heart by practicing sexual altruism

WE’VE got a free website:

To share with anyone of any faith – NO fees, NO memberships, NO church requirements



WE’VE got an 8 step circle of support …


branch 8

The circle of support is like the rings of a tree


heartw1Women make a circle and form groups of 4

From each group of 4, 1 moves forward and 3 remain
The 3 who remain make a trinity
Four trinities make a team of 12 ‘sisters’: 4 x 3 = 12

All who move forward make an inner circle with new groups of 4

From each of the new groups of 4, 2 move forward and 2 remain
The ones who remain become team leaders
Each team is led by two team ‘mothers’: 12 + 2 = 14

14 women make a Women’s Ethics and Virtues Education team: A WE’VE team

  • Step 1 is the ‘first ring’
  • Each ‘ring’ has 2 ‘bands’: trinities and team leaders
  • All who move forward make a circle for Step 2
  • The pattern continues to repeat through 8 steps
  • 8 steps is enough to include most of the women in the world

WE’VE got 8 steps to go from the grassroots to the globe

stepsnew2Step 1
First-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support first-ring leaders
First-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for families

Step 2
Second-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support second-ring leaders
Second-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for communities

Step 3
Third-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support third-ring leaders
Third-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for towns, cities or tribes
Step 4
Fourth-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support fourth-ring leaders
Fourth-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for metropolitan areas

Step 5
Fifth-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support fifth-ring leaders
Fifth-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for states

Step 6
Sixth-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support sixth-ring leaders
Sixth-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for regions and nations

Step 7
Seventh-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support seventh-ring leaders
Seventh-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education for continental areas

Step 8
Eighth-ring trinity sisters – Vote for and support eighth-ring leaders
Eighth-ring team mothers – Lead ethics and virtues education globally

 WE’VE got 8 steps to get ‘down to the core

  • A core council can be made when any step has 8 teams, or less, globally
  • As the number of teams increases, a new step and a new core council can be made

Women who moved forward from the previous step can make the core council
There will be up to 16 women who make a core council WE’VE team
3 or 4 should be chosen as the council’s team leaders

The core council will not be a governing body, but may take an advisory position
The 8 step circle of support is designed to be a program, not an organization
Each WE’VE Team may choose to work independently or together with other teams

The role of the core council is to help develop the 8 step circle of support
They promote the WE’VE website and helping women form trinities and teams
Or doing outreaches to network among various groups that have similar goals

The core council is like an icebreaker that opens the way for ships on the ocean
It should push forward the goals and ideals of WE’VE and increase participation

WE’VE got 8 steps for team guidelines

1) The mission of WE’VE teams is to stop the problems of sexual immorality and teach sexual ethics and virtues. Each team decides what actions to take and the extent of their efforts. Each team decides what religious or philosophical perspective to use in educational activities. All participants are expected to support the basic ethics of WE’VE: ‘Keep sex within marriage’, and ‘marriage is between one man and one woman forever.’ All other religious and philosophical ideas presented on the WE’VE website are optional.
2) Any four women can form a circle of support group. Anyone may act on their own initiative to get a group started. The four women within each group decide which one of them will be a group leader (it should be the decision of the four women themselves, not others). They may vote, cast lots or agree on a volunteer. The remaining three women will be trinity sisters. (Note: As a women’s movement, only women are allowed to be on WE’VE teams; but men are encouraged to assist with social action that is initiated by WE’VE teams.)
3) Teams are formed through voluntary agreement, not by assignment. It is the responsibility of each circle of support group to find three other groups to form a team with. The four group leaders decide on which two will be team mothers and which two move on to the next step. They may vote, cast lots or agree on volunteers; if there is indecision or a tie, the entire team may vote. The ones who move the the next step have the responsibility to find others to form a circle of support group with. Group leaders who move to higher steps may continue to assist their previous trinities and teams if they wish to.
4) Everyone in a circle of support group should be on the same step. Teams represent all the women connected to them through all the previous steps. No participant can be recognized as being on a step higher than step one unless she has an unbroken chain of supporters on each step below her. A chain of supporters will be everyone who previously chose the participant to be a group leader or move to a higher step. If any team member is acting against the ethics of WE’VE, her chain of supporters can remove her from the team at any time. If they fail to remove her, she may be removed by the other members on her team. If a trinity sister or team mother leaves her position, the position may be filled by another woman who is on the same step; the remaining team members may vote, cast lots, or agree on a volunteer.
5) Changes to any step may have a domino effect on other steps; the purpose of this is to allow first-ring ‘grassroots’ participants to maintain the quality of the whole system as it grows. Should any conflicts arise among various trinities or councils, the issues may be addressed by the core council or by a 75% majority of teams who are on the same level. The purpose of the whole will supersede the purposes of individuals, as long as that purpose is true to the ethics of WE’VE.
6) Participation in WE’VE is entirely open, unrestricted, and free of charge to those who support the ethics of WE’VE. Participants are expected to voluntarily organize through the 8 step circle of support by contacting one another to form trinities and teams. To keep the system self-regulating, participants should take responsibility to verify the chain of supporters for each woman who advances to higher levels. Other than the 8 step circle of support, there will be no organizational structure, governing body, or requirements for membership.
7) Participants are free to use social networking, or any other media, to promote the WE’VE website and the ethics of WE’VE. They are encouraged to make mirror websites and translate the content into other languages. Copyrights are not restricted unless any content of the WE’VE website is misused for purposes against the ethics of WE’VE or to promote a bad image of WE’VE; such cases would be considered copyright violations or libel. In such cases, the copyright of the WE’VE website and all of its content is 2011.8.15, by its author, Patricia Hess. However, any art, photography, or other content that had previous restrictions should retain its original copyright.
8) Participants are encouraged to contribute additional content to the WE’VE website, as long as it reflects the ethics of WE’VE. However, participants do not have the right to change the content of the WE’VE website, the 8 step circle of support, or the guidelines of WE’VE, without written permission from the author (in the event of the author’s incapacity, rights will be assigned to the author’s heirs). Users of the WE’VE website and participants in the 8 step circle of support, or any other WE’VE activities, do not have the right to hold the author or other WE’VE participants liable for any damages or injuries.


Why WE’VE chosen these numbers

Number 4 represents the realms of heart

We give and receive love in 4 positions:

  • 1) daughter 2) sister 3) wife 4) mother

Number 3 represents generations of a lineage:

  • 1) grandmother/mother 2) mother/daughter 3) daughter/granddaughter

There are 4 realms of heart in each of 3 generations

  • 3 x 4 = 12, so number 12 represents all family relationships
  • 12 facets of heart to reflect the multi-dimensional love of our Creator

Number 2 represents separation as well as unity; an offering is separated into two parts, then put together as one

  • In Biblical history, the roles of the first and second wives were significant
  • They were in the position to undo the first and second mistakes of Eve
  • Two women who make unity for ethics and virtues can be like an offering


WE’VE got 8 steps for Action:

1) Women can organize from the ‘grassroots up’ through the 8 step circle of support.
2) Each step starts with trinities, then 4 trinities make a team and choose 2 leaders.
3) There is no limit to the number of teams, and any 4 women can start making a team.
4) Each team decides what social actions to take and the amount of time or effort they plan to give.
5) Teams can work together or separately, and teams on different steps can support one another.
6) WE’VE got to connect through basic ethics, but teams can develop education from any religious view.
7) WE’VE got to respect laws and governments, but teams can be creative in finding ways to take action.
8) Participation is free and voluntary; there is no organizational control and no membership required.
WE’VE got a new kind of movement – learn more about it here.



WE’VE got to define human morality

WE’VE got to know what it means to be human

How is being a human different than being an animal?
We’re genetically 99% the same as chimpanzees, but we think we’re much smarter.
It’s not only intelligence that makes us different; we are eternal, spiritual beings.
Humans have a much greater capacity for emotions and relationships.
Emotions that create human love are powerful and intense; they’re made to last forever.
When those emotions are self-centered, they can result in hatred, greed, violence or lust.
Humans can cause extreme suffering, poverty, abuse, oppression and war.
When humans pass on to the afterlife, they continue existing with the same hearts and minds.
Spirits in the afterlife can influence others through thoughts, actions, fate and history.


Organizations that fight sex trafficking:

News: Washington state passes laws to stop buyers

we've image

WE’VE got to stop sex slavery
WE’VE got to circle the globe
WE’VE got a circle of support
WE’VE got to step into action
WE’VE got to talk about it
WE’VE got to define it
WE’VE got to create it
WE’VE got to teach it
WE’VE got to explain it
WE’VE got words to live by


And WE’VE got to make every effort to get ‘the Word’ in

WE’VE got to talk about the Word that our ethics and virtues come from.

WE’VE made this website religiously generic by using ‘our Creator’ rather than a Name.

It is not to avoid religion, but to welcome as many people as possible who are from diverse religions.

However, without dictating religion, WE’VE got to provide resources for sex education based on religious values. So, please contribute your scriptures or religious writings that are about sex ethics and virtues. Then, website users can freely choose to include or exclude them in their education programs.

Specifically, we want to focus on scriptures that teach about lineage, family and marriage. For example, the Bible has words that are symbols for lineage: Use an online Bible and search for tree, vine, root, trunk, branch, leaf, flower, seed, fruit or scepter.  ‘Scepter’ comes from the Hebrew word for a wooden stick with names of a family’s lineage carved in it.

  • WE’VE got Facebook to post links and news
  • Email: 3434348@gmail.com


Start by making your own WE’VE team today!


WE’VE got to do it!



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