“Vocational and Violence Free Girls” seeking support


Women Inspiration Development Center (WIDC) is planning to establish “Vocational and Violence Free Girls” (VVIFREG) in Nigerian Secondary Schools to mark 2013 International Women Day.

women_visiting_the_center_1The rise in domestic and sexual violence cases in Nigeria has laid open the practice of discrimination against female gender as a tradition.

Women and girls are vulnerable to violence, discrimination and silence as a result of strong patriarchal traditions, lack of confidence, poor knowledge and awareness.

But it has also been observed that educationally and economically empowered women are better able to tackle violence and they are also able to lead others out of traumatic problems.

A few case studies on this issue have shown how entrepreneurial women have fought back against violence and have established themselves as independent leaders in their community.

Based on these facts it is proposed by Women Inspiration Development center to catch Nigerian girls young, encourage them to receive good education and empowerment with livelihood skills so that they are able to confidently fight back against domestic and sexual violence.

This innovation is necessary and important at this time. It is observed that out of every 10 girls that came out of Nigerian public secondary school, only about 2 are able to further their education to higher institutions.

2012_international_women_s_day_celebration_2The remaining 8 would be roaming about in the street jobless and idle. As a result of this they are exposed to early marriage, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, human trafficking and HIV/AIDS.

This is making the gender equality becoming more and more difficult in Nigeria.

The vision is to have these clubs in all the secondary schools in Nigeria especially in the public schools where we have the poor and underprivileged girls. We will be organizing empowerment workshops, vocational training and internet access training for the clubs. These will give the girls at their initial stage in live to be economically, psychologically and emotionally empowered. They will also have the opportunity to be connected to the outside world through internet which will open numerous doors of opportunities to them.

We are therefore calling on Interested Volunteers all over Nigeria who can be our representatives in supervising and monitoring the clubs in the secondary schools in their states, cities, towns and villages.

Interested supporters can contact us at [email protected].

a_woman_receiving_counselling_at_the_center_1Female individuals and organizations all over the world who are interested in the empowerment of rural and underprivileged girls, this is a unique opportunity to realize your dream.

Your role is to guide, help and encourage these girls in becoming somebody in life so that they will be free of violence and oppression.

You can be contacting your club through emails, speaking to them on phone, open a page for your club on Facebook where you can be communicating with them and you can visit your club in Nigeria if the means is available.

Interested mentors and advisers all over the world should also contact us at [email protected]


Women Inspiration development Center (WIDC) joined others from all over the world to rise up against Violence against Women during the 2012 16 Days of Activism. The center organized “PHONE IN” programs on Radio for 15 weeks where women, girls, men and boys were given the opportunities to ask questions, contribute to the discussions on how to eradicate domestic and sexual violence in Nigeria.

This program was sponsored by African Women Development Fund (AWDF). During each program, at least 1000 people from 13 states will be hearing the program. At every program at least 8 people were always given the opportunity to phone in to ask questions or contribute to the discussions.

On the 10th December, 2012 which was the last of the 16 days, Women Inspiration Development Center Volunteers organized awareness campaigns on Violence against Women round the markets where we have the concentration of women in Ile-Ife.

It is our belief that at least 15,000 people would have listened to the radio program within the period of 15 weeks. As a result of the “Phone in” programs on radio and the awareness campaign, 82 women and girls have visited the Center to date seeking for counselling, financial assistance and help on taking legal steps by victims of violence.

The Phone In programs has increased knowledge and awareness on human and legal rights of women in the community. I have been invited by some leaders in the community as a result of this program to come and explain further on issues that affect women. If these “phone in” programs could continue for a year, there will be great awareness and eradication of Violence against women in Nigeria.

Therefore we are seeking assistance from interested individuals and organizations that are willing to partner with us in continuing the phone in program.

  • Weekly “Phone In” program on Radio cost $50
  • 10 weeks will cost $500
  • 52 weeks which is a year will cost $2600

world pulse nigeria picture-1463Obisakin Christianah Busayo

Counsellor, Counselling unit, OAU, Ile-Ife, Nigeria | 


About Me:
I was born into a family of nine, 44years ago.My illiterate parents had 7 children, 6girls and a boy. I had primary, secondary and tertiary education. I was a guidance counsellor in secondary school for 18 years where I was exposed to series of cases ‘violence against women and girls’.

I moved to Osun State University, Osogbo and was the Student Affairs Officer Of the university for a year. I later moved to my present place of work, Obafemi Awolowo University as a Guildance Counsellor in the Counselling unit of the Division of Students’ Affairs of the university.

I have handled cases of rapes, physical assault of female students from their male counterpart, sexual harassment etc. I am the representative of my division at the Center For Gender Equality Policy of the university.

My Passions:

  • My passion is that this world be made safe for women and girls

My Challenges:

  • It is a serious challenge that, despite the crying all over the world that violence against women and should stop, you still hear almost everyday of cases of maltreatment or the other of women here and there, itslike our male counterpart are turning deaf

My Vision for the Future:

  • To work towards all countries formulate policy on violence against women and girls and enforce the policy

My Areas of Expertise:

  • Counselling, Writing and reading

My Languages:

  • English, YorubaAW


Interested mentors and advisers all over the world should also contact us at: [email protected]

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