The Voice vs the Brain – Take Action!


“Have you ever had ‘that’ moment in your life where you knew that you were not doing what you were supposed to be doing?”

Take Action to hear it and act on it 🙂


It would be a fearful split second when you swore you heard a Voice; yet, were so overwhelmed with fear to share the experience with anyone that you secretly stored it in the attic of your mind. Having decided to do this, you stifled this Voice to a point of combustion forcing a series of outbursts, once in a while, throughout your lifetime.

This would be a moment in time of some form a distant clarity, even if there was no comprehension, on your part, at the time of this event. It is a one second in your lifetime that you cannot forget, and you don’t think your ever will. This little ‘Voice’ will jump back out at you on the drop of a dime, anywhere, anytime; and usually at the worse times in your life. “Do you know what I am referring to?” Yes? Great! I know now that I am talking to some kindred spirits.

For many years that ‘Voice’ has reared its pesky sound only to be pushed back up into my attic. As this pattern repeated, life seemed to get further and further derailed. There was a time that anything and everything I would touch just fell to pieces. I became so nervous that I created jokes about others distancing themselves from me, for their own safety. Jokes, of course! Maybe?

My comprehension and trust in that inherent ‘voice’ had been severed by my own brain, and stored by my own mind. This action created a plethora of re-actions…a pattern of living that certainly sold my Destiny short and carried with it much unnecessary weight. As the matrix built up all around me, not only did the body get tired, my brain began to second guess herself.

“Can you relate?”

The pattern that develops from this kind of self denial is one of a self sabbotage mission that will simply repeat itself, again and again, until one wakes up to the reality that nothing will change until one heeds the ‘Voice’; as it is the ‘Self’. If you are relating, don’t worry as most of the Human Race still lives in this world of self denial.

In hindsight, the path that this denial lead to was one of living vicariously through others, always working plans that accommodated others, benefitted others, developed others; leaving nothing much left over for self. This makes perfect sense as having a severed tie to self, no knowledge of one’s own true needs were able to develop. Life becomes a rat wheel of doings and leaves no space for creation or design of a life that is centred in truth. The consequences when living a lie are seemingly unsurmountable, at times.

Then, almost thirty years later, I found myself looking; actually, searching for that ‘Voice’, once again.

I wanted to hear, I wanted to listen. I wanted to believe.

Life, from that second moment of clarity has been nothing but excitement. The manifestations have been serendipitous to a level of almost mystical proportions. My connection today works like clockwork. When a decision needs to me made by me, I stop dead in my tracks and I listen. It is in the stillness that I can hear and feel the direction to go. This decision has given me the courage and strength to take leaps that once would only have been a fleeting thought. The physical manifestations of this listening have surpassed expectation.

Today, living in the moment and listening, I am still in the motivation generating mode of helping others; yet, now a true sense of purpose is the foundation and a true sense of self worth is attached. My calling guided me towards helping Women, as I am a strong believer that we, as women, inherently put ourselves last, ignore our respective little ‘Voice’, and that our World needed a platform where Women can Celebrate their Actions and Lives. By Featuring Women Leaders, I hope that all the female followers will follow, making that fearless decision to listen to that ‘Voice’ inside each of them.

Life will change dramatically; for our own perception does a one-eighty.

The most wonderful part of accepting, honoring and listening to the ‘Voice’ is that it will also let you know that all the years suffering in deafness were all meant to be, as well. “We are who we are today because of all the yesterdays; and who we will become tomorrow depends on our decisions today.”

By the way, my ‘Voice’ told me that I was not thinking ‘Big Enough’; that hiding in the small was a faithless action.

“What is your ‘Voice’ telling you?


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