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only to realize that through her adversity, she found her true calling.

We are elated to celebrate that this awakened soul is now here to help the women of our world.





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Susan McCeldry 

” I believe you are responsible for your own happiness and your own growth. True contentment and happiness is found within yourself. ​You were created from pure love; an unconditional love that your higher source has been waiting for you to accept into your heart. “

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Every minute of my life has lead me to where I am today. I have always had an interest in the after life and suspected that I was different. I accepted my abilities a little later in life and boy did my life change! I learned many lessons over the years and followed my purpose. I find this to be one of the happiest times of my life.

I currently offer psychic-medium sessions. I can conduct the psychic-medium sessions over the phone or in person. Whether the session is over the phone or in person, the quality will be the same. My messages come from a good place surrounded by God’s white light and the protection of Archangels.

God is the center source and the messages I receive come from a place of love.

susanFor ten years I owned, operated and ran a very successful window and door business with my husband. In 2007, the housing industry collapsed. We were able to keep the business running until mid 2009. After many cutbacks, etc. we realized that we had to close the business. We lost everything. The business, our income, our house and our cars. We moved out of state of about a year and a half, but soon longed to come home to the town we grew up in and our families. My husband started a similar business, but on a smaller scale and catered to the remodeling of existing homes instead of new construction.

In early 2012, I became restless with myself and the direction my life was going. I knew that I had certain psychic abilities and felt a pull and urge to develop them. I began to wonder if that was my purpose. After having a natal chart created, I saw that several times it was mentioned that I was a healer.  

My curiosity was peaked.

I began my development and found a mentor along the way. I soon learned that I had a mission. A mission that required the expediency of my development. A mission for the good of all man and to help heal the earth.

My healing abilities were developed in six weeks!

susan faceBy September 2012, I was conducting healing sessions on people. I continued to develop and strengthen my healing abilities throughout the rest of the year. I am now able to conduct healing sessions on multiple people at the same time. For instance, I can be in a room with 500 people and send them all healing energy in one session.

With 2013 here, I am now ready to implement my purpose as a healer. I have received the “green light” from my guides. So, I have been doing whatever I am guided to do in order to bring attention to my abilities as a healer. I have never felt so complete in my life. I finally feel like I am doing what I was meant to do.

In short, healing begins with the heart. I allow a very high vibration of energy to flow through me and into the directed recipient. The recipients own vibration will rise to the vibration of energy received. This will allow their chakras to clear, resulting in emotional and physical healing. I do not claim to be the one healing people. If I did, my ego would be in full control.

Your soul and body is actually healing itself. I provide the energy that will allow your body to heal.

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I also offer my services as an Energy Soul Healer.

Each of our souls have negative emotions attached to our Spirit. Negative emotions are based on fear. Some examples of negative emotions are unworthiness, anger, jealousy, resentment, guilt, revenge, hate and unforgiveness. Our souls can heal and grow once we release these negative emotions attached to our Spirit.

Healing begins in the heart.

Most people do not know how to release these emotions. I am honored to send you the high vibration of energy needed so you can release those negative emotions and heal your heart. The first step is to admit that you are ready to release these emotions and replace them with Love.

Are you ready?

“I just sat and watched your video of the Energy – Soul Healing Session. I had to write to tell you that just after 4 mins I could plainly see two of you … in exact unison, making the same moves … it was extremely odd. I felt (from my perspective) you were on the left of the video and the other one was on the right … I wonder if you ‘feel’ spirit to your left at all? I have never experienced this before when watching any kind of video, so felt it was important and that I should tell you.

Many blessings to you for sharing such intimate times with us when you are guided to move in such wonderful fluid ways and so selflessly ‘putting yourself out there’ – you are applauded .. (all very strange words for me to type!)”

**The reason she saw two of me is because my twin flame is assisting me from another dimension while I am conducting a healing session. This person is the first to tell me that she can see two of me. Exciting!

Testimonies and Validations

Listed below are testimonies, reviews and validations that I received from my clients after a psychic medium or healing session. I appreciate all of your comments and validations.

​I was able to get a reading from Susan a few weeks ago. It really helped me get through some negative issues that I had with a family member that passed. I feel better, not so bitter. I loved that during the reading, Susan gave me paper and a pen to take notes. Let’s just say I took a lot of notes. Later, I was able to review the notes and really noticed details from the reading that I forgot about. Susan’s reading was very helpful for me. I can now live life with a sense of peace. The bitterness is gone. Susan made one comment that will remain with me. This one comment from the reading is the “key” for me. Thank you, Susan. ~m. Lehning

“The reading you gave me was very accurate. That part about my Dad was awesome. Thanks.” ~A. Webber

I had Susan do a reading for me and I was amazed at the accuracy of facts that came through. Also, I was told some things that I didn’t know had occurred during some very trying times. Things that my parents did while still on this earth and things they did after they were gone. Things I wish I had known so that I could have said, “Thank you”. I know of the results of their deeds but I didn’t know that the results were because of their intervention.

Susan also did a physical and soul healing on me. She has cured my chronic sore and swollen ankle which has hurt me for over a year. I am so thankful that she was able to do this. The soul healing was very intriguing. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was not disappointed.
~J. Harmer

I just recently had a reading done by Susan. I was amazed by how accurate Susan was, she didn’t know me at all. My mother had passed 29 years ago and my father 8 years ago. They both came through, I was shocked by the messages she was sharing. There were things that I didn’t really understand at the time of the reading, but when I shared my reading with my family, my uncle (my mother’s brother) validated some of the information. She also wanted me to pass along a message to him. When I did, he told me that he had never shared any of that with anyone! I also received quite a few messages for my husbands family. Susan’s reading has really helped me in ways no one will ever know. I felt a feeling of great love and warmth after the reading. Susan’s talents are unbelievable!! ~K. Vividor

“I met Susan through a mutual friend. She only knew my first name when she did a reading for me. It was amazing the things that she told me and the people that came through that had passed. She was extremely accurate in what she told me and was able to give my Family and I the peace we had been searching for, for eleven years. I wrote everything she told me on a piece of paper which has been very helpful because I have been able to go back to it and make more connections to the things she said, as I have remembered things that I didn’t remember at the time of the reading.

She really helped my Husband to find peace with the message we received from his father and she really helped my Mother and me to find the peace that we needed about my brothers death. It was very comforting to me to hear her tell me things that I know only he would have said. I will always miss my loved ones, but with Susan’s help, I know now that they are happy and in a better place. Susan, I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for our family. ~D. Van Tilburg

I have had a pain in my right back muscle for 8 years, which I attributed the pain from playing tennis for 30 years. I felt that I may have damaged the muscle. I couldn’t reach around the right side of my back with my right arm without pain and discomfort. I had Susan do a healing on me the day before I left for New Jersey.

During that night I didn’t get much sleep because I kept feeling like someone was sticking pins in me in certain areas including my back. We left for Jersey and by the time we reached North Carolina I had to take aspirin because of the extreme pain in my back. By the time we arrived at our hotel the pain had subsided. I had a feeling that that pain was the final step towards healing so I reached around my back and there was no more pain. It has been 7 days now and I am still pain free. Thank you so much Susan for this relief.​ ~J. Harmer

I witnessed a healing Susan did on my wife’s back. Her back had been hurting her for years when she turned a certain way. We were traveling and staying in a hotel when Susan did a long distance healing on her. The next morning she woke up and she showed me a raw red spot on her back where the pain had been and it didn’t hurt anymore. I couldn’t logically explain it so it kinda made a believer out of me. Susan has also done healings on me and I think it might be partially responsible for my new positive attitude about wanting to get healthy and fit. ~ H.H.

Location – Lakeland, Florida WEBSITE

A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this woman of spirit into our Alumni with open arms and uplifted hearts.


Brava Susan!



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