Spring Break 2013 – Couple Dozen Blogs of Helpful Ideas !!!


24 Blogs with Spring Break Ideas

The week of Spring Break typically falls in March and was created to give students a break from their studies before coming back to finish out their school year strong. Many families like to travel during this break and enjoy quality time together.

Some families will choose to get out of the cold and head to a warm destination, while others will choose to take advantage of the last skiing and snowboarding days of the season. Then there are those families who aren’t able to travel and are looking for ideas to keep the kids busy during Spring Break while staying at home.

These 24 blog entries will help with all of these scenarios.


Getting away for a while and hanging out in nature can be very relaxing for kids and parents alike. You don’t even have to go very far from home to enjoy this experience. Getting the kids outside to play, get some exercise and spend time away from the television and other electronics can be great for some family bonding.

Here are five blog posts with family-friendly camping ideas.


Cruise lines have opened up a world of opportunities for vacationing with your kids. What was once considered a more adult-only vacation has branched off and now includes many kid-friendly activities, making it the perfect family-friendly vacation. There are also some cruises, like the Disney cruises, that are geared almost entirely at the kids in the family. Check out these five blog articles about cruising options for the family.

Warm Destinations

If you are living in a region where there is a lot of snow and temperatures fall below zero, you might be thinking that enjoying Spring Break on the beach sounds pretty good. Which beach do you choose? Beaches and other warm destinations to enjoy during Spring Break are included in these next five blog entries.

Cold Destinations

snowSpring Break is often the last chance to get some skiing in if you want to head north or travel into the mountains.

If you aren’t a skier, there are plenty of cold destinations that offer fun activities for families during Spring Break as well, such as taking in a play on Broadway or checking out historic locations in New England.

These five blog posts will point out some Spring Break destinations that will allow you to take advantage of cooler temperatures before summer hits.

Kids with Working Parents

If you can’t take time off this year to go on a family trip and you are looking for something interesting for the kids to do all week, here are some ideas that might inspire your youngsters to have a blast on their break at home. If you don’t live near any of these places, but still want to take advantage of these ideas, keep in mind that your child might be able to stay with family in another city and attend some of the day camps.

Other ideas to keep kids from getting bored over Spring Break are also noted.

For ideas check out these blog articles.

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