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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this ‘visionary’, a woman on a mission to eradicate HUMAN TRAFFICKING from our world. 

‘I want to start a revival, initiate activism, and create education for sexual morality – all around the globe, by connecting women of all religions and cultures who share the same essential ethics and virtues:

‘no sex outside of marriage’ and ‘marriage is between one man and one woman for eternity.’




Patricia Hess 

I’m 53 years old. I was born in California, in the USA, and lived in several states. I have a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s in liberal arts (interdisciplinary studies with courses in political science and natural resource management).

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At age 25, I left the father of my two daughters and raised them alone. Later, I home-schooled them while working night shifts.

PatriciaHessmountainAfter about 20 years, in 2005, I finally met my true love, Ko Young-Ig, who is Korean, and I’ve been living in Korea ever since.

My daughters also married internationally – my first daughter married a Bangladeshi man, and my second married a Japanese man.My husband has two grown children from his first marriage as well, and we have 3 grandchildren together.

In Korea, I’ve been teaching English – I’ve worked at the middle school, high school and university levels.

My husband stays busy with business, politics and gardening. We both love nature and being outdoors, and we especially love spending time with our grand-kids.

Mission: I want to start a revival, initiate activism, and create education for sexual morality – all around the globe, by connecting women of all religions and cultures who share the same essential ethics and virtues: ‘no sex outside of marriage’ and ‘marriage is between one man and one woman for eternity.’

Vision: I had my ‘first’ vision of Jesus in December, 2010. There was a sort of diamond shaped grave casket, with a cross on the top, that was standing up vertically. The top opened like a door, and Jesus came out.

bluefeather1forHe was wearing a black winter vest over his clothing. He unzipped the vest partly, and I could see he had large, soft, fluffy feathers against his chest inside the vest. There were blue feathers and white ones. He pulled out a big blue feather. He said, “I can give you a blue feather.”

Then he went back into the casket and I woke up. I had recently been praying about a vision I had in 2005, in which small white feathers were falling like snow, and an Israelite and a Palestinian were humbly bowing to one another. I’d been to a prayer camp at that time, and all of my prayers had been answered since then, except the one about peace in Israel.

I asked my Christian evangelist friend what the color blue meant – it was a deep turquoise or ‘true blue’.

She said it meant ’emissary’ – someone who is a representative for a mission.

aztec enochLater, I happened to learn that the Aztec civilization used the same blue color for sacrifice.

I had a ‘second’ vision of an old man who was holding up a spoked wheel and speaking about the truth. It was so vivid that I was convinced he must have been a real ancestor or saint. I spent just 30 minutes searching through Google Images and found him.

He was Father Thomas Merton, a Catholic priest from the US who died in the 60’s. There was a webpage that offered a tribute to him, and it had one of the photos he’d taken during his life: a spoke wagon wheel.

Perhaps a month later, I had a ‘third’ vision.

It was a black man who had distinctive features – he was big, with a wide jaw and thick lips, and he was writing on a signboard – a word starting with the letter ‘V’, which I later understood to be virtues. He wanted me to educate young people. Then, he showed me his left hand, and it was missing 4 fingers.

Again, it was more than a dream.


I tried Google Images again, but didn’t come up with anything after 3 hours. I was beginning to think I was crazy.

But, then I thought, if he had been an American slave, perhaps there were no photos of him.

cornish-memorial-ame-zion-church_key-west_highslide-068011-225x300So, I searched with terms about his hand. I found Uncle Sandy Cornish.

cornishHe had been a freed slave, but lost his papers in a fire. When some men captured him and tried to sell him, he took a knife an mutilated himself in several places, and cut off the fingers of his left hand. Then he had no value to them, so they let him go. He later became a successful businessman and pastored an AME church.

After these visions, I thought deeply about how to take a movement of sexual morality activism beyond the boundaries of religions, cultures and organizations. I came up with the idea for the ‘circle of support’ after reading about a theory for ‘layered voting’.

I hope that it will become a social structure that will allow people to keep their current commitments to religious and social memberships while at the same time participating with others from diverse backgrounds.

I feel the urgency that we need a certain ‘number’ of people – as in the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah when Abraham asked the Father how many moral people it would take to prevent the city’s destruction. Certainly, in order to counter the tsunami of liberal sexuality, all those on the side of morality need to stand together.

And, I think young people need more than rules about right and wrong.

They need to be ‘immersed’ in a social environment of sexual morality in order to develop true ethics and virtues.

Reasons: My parents were not particularly religious and did not attend church, but they practiced traditional morality. I was an independent thinker and decided I should not simply accept my parents values – I should decide my own values through my life experiences.

Initially, I thought marriage was not necessary and people should be free to choose any sexual lifestyle. But, my life experience taught me differently.


‘I realized sexuality deeply affects our hearts and relationships.’


eye-pictureI was also interested in spirituality and learned about several religions before finding one that made sense to me. From my childhood experiences of attending church occasionally with friends, I had gotten the idea that Bible stories were just ‘stories’ but not really true. It was when I first heard the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, I started really believing in the Bible and Jesus.

In the Divine Principle, he taught Biblical history from a more practical and scientific viewpoint, which appealed to me. In particular, he demystified the story about Adam, Eve, the serpent, and the apple – explaining it as symbolic of sexual immorality. I came to understand that sexuality is more than a matter of choice or obedience to a commandment.

‘Sexuality is integral to the development of the human soul.’

Countless scientific studies have shown that humans develop both from genetic influences and environmental influences.  Anyone who believes in a Creator naturally also understands we are affected by spiritual influences.

It became clear to me that the spiritual development that our Creator intended for humanity never happened, from the very beginning of human existence.

And, it won’t happen by some magical or supernatural transformation. It will happen over generations, in families who keep the sexual morality of our Creator in their love, life and lineage. Religion and church membership is not the main issue. Belief alone isn’t either.


If we don’t live it, we don’t become it.


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“I developed the WE’VE project to be as religiously neutral as possible, while remaining frank and open about truths.

I find essential to understanding why sexual morality is absolutely necessary for the emotional, cultural and spiritual development of humankind.”

Perhaps I should have written, ” about truths that I find essential for understanding why …”

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Brava Patricia!



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